Meet the Team! Actives Expert

August 9, 2019

Laure-Anne Gillon is the Actives Expert for Seppic, Inc, based in New Jersey. Her role focuses on our active ingredients range: wesource, bringing technical and scientific expertise to our customers. Laure-Anne graduated with a Master of Science in Biotechnology from the Ecole de Biologie Industrielle in France, where she specialized in Research and Development and Marketing applied to the Cosmetic industry. From there, her internships were in the lab in some of the biggest names in beauty (ooh, la la!), and then into sales & marketing in France. Thankfully for us, the urge to travel and explore led Laure-Anne to search for a role in the US, landing in the city that never sleeps. Read on to learn more about our Active Ingredients Expert.

Tell us about YOU!

I was born and raised in France, in the suburbs of Paris. It’s also where I went to school - so I’ve done everything there is to do in Paris! After some years in the lab and on the commercial side, I realized I was looking for a new challenge, and I moved to New York City about two years ago to work at Seppic Inc.


I would probably say the things I love most are traveling, animals, photography, and food! I just got back from two weeks in Costa Rica with my family. We spent time in the rainforest, did hikes around the volcanoes, and relaxed at the beach.


I love food--trying new things when I travel, and, of course, I have my favorites--from foie gras to Buffalo wings to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I have two cats back in France, but no pets here (yet). I did get to babysit a pet hamster, Lucy, over the summer. I tried to teach her tricks but I didn’t have enough time!


Favorite city in US so far ?

New York!

What do you miss most about France (besides your family, of course)?

There are a lot of things you can find in the city, but the saucisson and cornichon are just not the same outside of France.

How about hobbies? Any projects going on?

I love country music, so I started learning guitar last year. I’ve got Sweet Home Alabama down, if anyone has a good voice!

I’ll be doing a half marathon in September, so I'm' training for that now. Customers who run - feel free to send over tips for recovery!

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?

A California palm with an oceanfront view. I’d lay out and (hopefully) provide some shade to beachgoers during the day, and get to watch the sunset each night.

Ok let’s get back to work a little bit. What subject did you enjoy the most at school? Did it help steer you towards cosmetics?

Plant biology & -physiology. It definitely lead me on the path to my interest in cosmetic ingredients, because understanding the molecules that these plants contain, and how they adapt to their environments, helped me to understand various plants benefits on the skin.

If you met a new customer, but could only tell them ONE thing about SEPPIC, what would it be?

As a plant lover, I love explaining the sourcing of our active ingredients. And I believe it’s so important to the consumer to make the connection between the source and the skin benefit so that they can believe in their products. So I would hope to paint a picture of the plants and algaes we source in Brittany for our Marine biotechnologies, and from Madagascar for our botanical extractions. It’s really important to SEPPIC to use these natural sources with respect to the environment and to provide some benefits to local populations.

Favorite SEPPIC product?

TECA™: pure molecules from centella asiatica, which helps the skin repair itself. It’s actually an acronym Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica. It's concentrated, so you get the pure molecules that you want-- the best way to be sure you know exactly what’s in the final formula. The molecules have been identified to have specific targets on skin repair, and of course the origin is important - Centella asiatica has been known for centuries to have healing properties. Of course we also have really technical studies behind this product, so I love to present all of the work that’s been done to support the claims.

Best beauty advice?

I have two!

Remove your make-up at night, because you will have to remove it in the morning anyway 😄

Be consistent with your routine so the skin is well balanced.

So, you know we are into zodiacs here. What’s your sign? Is your zodiac accurate?

Well, I would have said I don’t really believe in signs. But I have to admit - what they say about Libras is quite accurate! My birthday is in October and I’m really a true Libra - finding balance in everything, I love to make my surroundings beautiful, and always involved in new personal projects.

Ok - last ones. If you came with a Warning Label, what would it say?

Let’s refer to a colleague for this one!

Warning: Do not ask for help unless you WANT to be helped! She will help you no matter what!

Favorite Quote

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view”. Harper Lee