New Launch! EQUIBIOME™: Help achieve harmony between the skin and its microbiome

May 30, 2018

The skin microbiome is a complex ecosystem of symbiotic relationships - between the microorganisms among themselves and the between microbiota and the skin. In order to exist in perfect harmony, they must respect a very sensitive equilibrium. SEPPIC has created EQUIBIOME™ to help the skin achieve this equilibrium.

The vicious cycle of microbiome imbalance

Skins over-exposed to microbiota react by inflammation, causing hypersensitivity. They produce peptides to kill these microorganisms.

Skin conditions often lead people to cleanse the skin, killing too much of the microbiota. This causes sensitive skin. Since the development of personal cleansing, skin conditions have actually increased! Sensitive skin becomes inflamed, producing more defenses against microorganisms, perpetuating the cycle.

EQUIBIOME™ has been developed to address the skin microbiome

Equibiome™ is extracted from the roots of the Great burdock. Grown in innovative and natural aeroponic culture, EQUIBIOME™ offers a unique composition with higher content of rare root metabolites than classical root extracts.

The Great Burdock

Equibiome™ comes from the Great Burdock, a plant with large, rhubarb-like leaves, sustainably sourced in France.

The plant was traditionally used in chinese medicine to treat skin disorders like dry skin, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. The roots are specifically known to work on inflammation and microbiota.

Restore a good microbiota balance for an improved skin barrier function

Equibiome™ prevents S. aureus biofilm formation, and restores the skin barrier function.


+58% moisturization after 1 week on very dry skin (by corneometry, at 1% in a cream).

Restore harmony between the skin and the microbiota, for regulation of increased sensitivity

Results after two weeks on sensitive skin:

-20% stinging sensation after chemical stress -60% redness after mechanical stress

Equibiome™ prevents skin microbiota imbalance for a better skin barrier function, less skin reactivity and less discomfort.

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