New launch! Sakadikium™: Butterfly ginger extract for skin multi-protection and brightness

July 31, 2018

Skin is exposed to numerous stresses, especially with modern lifestyles: air pollution, blue light exposure, sun exposure, and more. These stresses accentuate the natural skin aging process, leading to dullness, imperfections, and lack of glow. Brightness, glow, and luminosity are now the top claims for anti-aging products, even beating out “anti-wrinkle” claims (in 2017 facial care launches, Mintel GNPD). SEPPIC has launched a new ingredient from Madagascar’s butterfly ginger to make it possible to have glowing skin.

Use Sakadikium™ and restore your glow with its multi-protection properties!

Sakadikium™ effects have been evaluated in vivo on women smokers, to show its ability to protect and improve the skin’s aspect even under environmental stress.
After 1 month, brightness was increased by 16% compared to placebo (perceived by trained evaluators, at 3% active). This result was confirmed by self-evaluation of the volunteers, who saw improvement of luminosity, radiance, moisturization, supple skin, softer skin,...


Sakadikium™, by protecting the skin from different stresses, makes the skin glow again!

A powerful natural ingredient: Butterfly ginger root extract

The wild butterfly ginger, also called “Sakarivodambo” in Madagascar, belongs to the ginger family and produces white flowers with a butterfly shape. Buds and rhizomes are used to flavor soups and dishes. The rhizomes are known to have multiple health properties: treat rheumatisms, headaches, heal wounds, diuretic effect,... Full of sugars, it inspired us to look at its impact on the skin, especially its effects on the mitochondria, consuming sugars, and on autophagy, affected by sugars in plants.

Autophagy Regulation

Autophagy is the self-cleaning process for the cells: lysosomes digest the damaged cells’ constituants so they can be recycled in new functional components.

Autophagy process

UVA is known to damage lysosomes, affecting the good functionality of the cells. Sakadikium™ protects the skin under UVA and internal stresses, for an autophagy regulation and energetic metabolism boost.

Blue Light Protection

Blue light represents 30% of visible light and covers the shortest wavelengths with higher energy of the visible light. We are more exposed indoor to blue light from screens, fluorescent or LED lightning, and an excess of it accelerates oxidation process and induces ROS formation.

Light Spectrum

Sakadikium™ is able to protect the cells under blue light, to get fewer impacts from this modern stress.

#Infra-Red and heat protection Infrared radiation represents 54% of the energy emitted by the sun. By penetrating deep into the skin, IR is described as responsible for many damages on the skin, in particular via the emission of free radicals, MMP1 and skin temperature increase. They are responsable for degradation, inflammaton and premature aging.

Sakadikium™ has shown protective effects on these specific targets under IR and heat stresses.


They are several pollutants that can damage the skin: particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, ozone, polyaromatic hydrocarbons,...
Benzo[a]Pyrene is one of the most known polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), released during the incomplete combustion of organic materials. It is found in smoke of all origins: combustion engines, cigarette smoke, fireplaces,... On the skin, it will induce oxidation and inflammation. With Sakadium, the skin is less reactive and protected against the harmful effects of pollution.

Float around like a butterfly while Sakadikium™ protects your skin!

Approvals: China compliant, ECOCERT, COSMOS
Use level: 3%
INCI: Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Hedychium Coronarium Root Extract

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