Oil Soluble Actives

October 9, 2018

Oils have been used for decades in skin care products, considered as traditional, natural and full of benefits. They have been in the spotlight for several years now as one of the most used ingredients in cosmetics. The type of applications are limitless, ranging from serums, cleansing oils, balms, butters, to sticks, or even oils-to-foam,... but it’s sometimes hard to find oily actives that enhance the benefits of these oils. Here is a selection of our favorite oily actives, derived from the power of nature!

Skin care: Reduce redness and moisturize the skin with ANTILEUKINE 6™ (opens new window)

ANTILEUKINE 6™ is extracted from a golden seaweed with a specific ability to protect itself against the sun. The oily extract of the golden seaweed has shown to reduce skin inflammation and slow down the skin ageing phenomenon. It brings significant decrease of redness (-50% of sunburn cells) and immediate and long term hydration (vs placebo).

Laminaria ochroleuca

Makeup: Boost skin radiance with NATIVE ESSENCE™ (opens new window)

NATIVE ESSENCE™ is extracted from the sea fennel, a medicinal plant with a high resistance to external factors. It boosts the essential lipid molecules synthesis for a restored barrier, boosts the epidermis basal cells' proliferation and protects the skin from inflammation and oxidative stress. The skin is radiant, uniform and smooth, for a perfect complexion! Sea fennel plant

Hair care: Restructure and protect your hair with [SEA SATIN™ )(

Derived from a wild beetroot living on difficult sandy and salty soils, SEA SATIN™ is an oil soluble active rich in sterols, glycolipids and vitamins. It protects and soothes the hair bulb, and brings visible restructuration of the hair surface. Hair is felt glossier, silkier, easier to comb and the volume is improved.

Body care: Reshape your silhouette with [Rhodysterol™ S TG](">Rhodysterol™ S TG)

Rhodysterol™ S TG is extracted from a red algae that regulates its own lipid storage thanks to sterols. Its lipolytic action is better than caffeine, and it inhibits the glucose penetration. Thigh circumference, orange skin and fatty acid tissue thickness are reduced for a perfect body aspect!

Rhodysterol™ S TG results

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