AQUARIUS: Independent, Resourceful, Adventurous (January 21 - February 18)

January 15, 2019

It’s 2019 and after three years of chaos, we can finally rest easy because the stars are aligned for positivity for all signs! Cosmetic products are becoming more personalized for the consumer - allowing people to choose the product that perfectly suits their needs. But what about us? As a formulator, which ingredients fit YOUR needs? Aquarius, read on to see which SEPPIC ingredient matches your zodiac and personality, and try it out in the lab to see if you connect! Not to be dramatic, but we recommend you hit the ground running in January and February, because Mercury goes into retrograde March 5th!

BIOPLASMA™ FA (opens new window)

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius! (So sorry, we had to.)

Aquarius, you’re original, independent, and highly intellectual. You love to push boundaries and you don’t live your life by the status quo. You might appear shy at first, but that’s only because your confidence doesn’t require you to jump for others’ approval. You aren’t afraid of people, you just don’t want to be bothered.

BIOPLASMA™ FA is, for sure, an Aquarius. This active ingredient comes from the most independent algae there is. BIOPLASMA™ FA is an extract of a unicellular phytoplankton called Scenedesmus Obliquus, which was isolated from desert sand in Sahel, Africa. You read that right - an algae decided to pack his bags and move out to the desert. Only the independent and progressive Aquarius would have the guts to pull off something like that.

Aquarius, we mentioned you can sometimes come off as shy and quiet. If you were an algae, you might want to appear small, to remain undisturbed by those around you - sounds just like the unicellular algae from which BIOPLASMA™ FA is extracted!

You don’t have a need for outsiders, but that’s because you’re too busy with your own network. Those who know you, know that you’re eccentric and energetic - always the one to keep people on their toes. Your ingredient-alter-ego does the same, bringing the energy by boosting mitochondria activity for ATP production.

You’re respected as a problem solver. When people are in a bind, they might think of their Aquarius confidante who always has a trick up their sleeve. BIOPLASMA™ FA has that talent, too, by combining anti-aging, energizing, detox action, and a unique marketing story all in one!

INCI: Aqua/Water - Butylene Glycol - Plankton Extract - Arginine Ferulate

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