Aquarius, your SEPPIC Horoscope Awaits

February 7, 2019

First, to all Aquarians: Happy Birthday! It’s your lucky year. This is set to be an extraordinary year for you, as you celebrate your birthday with both the Sun AND the New Moon in Aquarius. This doesn’t happen very often, so let’s take advantage of your cosmic alignment. What does it all mean? With the stars on your side, you might want to take it all and run: the energy, the inspiration, the motivation! But what you need is to harness that energy and spread it to others around you: your family, your friends, your coworkers. And, if you continue on, we have loads of fun topics for you to impart on those around you.

Your lab bench

Aquarius, you have a creative streak that you like to bring out at work. You formulate “outside the box”. You always add your own personal flare, and it shows. You like to play with different combinations of texturizing ingredients so that you aren’t turning out the same texture over and over.

You aren’t messy by any means, but a little clutter doesn’t bother you - rather, it inspires your creativity. Knowing that, it’s in your nature to have all of SEPPIC’s polymers (opens new window) at your fingertips.

Can you believe we are already one month in to 2019? Your life is moving at warp speed right now, so you probably haven’t even noticed!

For you, Aquarius, your projects will be challenging but you’ll be up to the task. You will create transforming products and WOW your customers - it’s in the stars!

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Your formula

As the water-bearer, your urn is full in February of 2019! Your formula is rich in water and crystal clear - just like your outlook for this year. An added bonus - the freshness of the US20087 Mirror Gel will leave you dreaming of a tropical breeze - birthday getaway, anyone? Take a look in the mirror and check out who your best travel buddy is - YOU!

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Your ingredient

Of course your ingredient personality is an active ingredient - you always bring the drama and conversations often center around you. Read more about your ingredient personality, Bioplasma™ FA (opens new window).

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