CANCER: Caring, Sensitive, Water-loving (June 21 - July 22)

January 15, 2019

It’s 2019 and after three years of chaos, we can finally rest easy because the stars are aligned for positivity for all signs! Cosmetic products are becoming more personalized for the consumer - allowing people to choose the product that perfectly suits their needs. But what about you, Cancer? As a formulator, which ingredients fit YOUR needs? Cancer, read on to see which SEPPIC ingredient matches your zodiac and personality, and try it out in the lab to see if you connect! Not to be dramatic, but we recommend you hit the ground running in January and February, because Mercury goes into retrograde March 5th!


As the mother of the zodiac, you feel an intense urge to coddle your family. You’re sensitive to their needs, so you’re never overbearing. You just want them to feel protected and loved. Your cocooning and caring effect is perfectly matched with the newest launch from Stearinerie Dubois: DUB ESTOLINE®. This polymer ester is a highly structured emollient which envelops the skin in a mesh blanket, locking moisture in and creating a physical shield from pollution. In pure Cancer fashion, DUB ESTOLINE® does not overstep its boundaries. It has a non-sticky, non-greasy effect, even while bringing nourishing properties!

INCI: Ethylhexyl polyhydroxystearate


Out of all the zodiac, Cancer is one of the most family-oriented signs. You love to take care of your family, especially when they are sick. You are characterized by the crab - but that doesn’t make you crabby! In fact, you are one of the most relaxed of the zodiac. This gives you the unmatched ability to help those around you relax, even after being irritated by a long day.

Your sensitivity and ability to soothe are matched by our premium active ingredient coming from a marine plant, CELTOSOME™ CRITHMUM MARITIMUM. The plant, crithmum maritimum (or “rocky samphire”) is just like you! It has traditionally been used for its medicinal soothing properties with anti-inflammatory action (reduces IL1, IL6).

You love to accomodate people. You want to make sure everyone around you is comfortable. The rocky samphire of CELTOSOME™ CRITHMUM MARITIMUM feels the same way. As it’s watered by sea, in salty soils, the plant has many nutrients found in fish and shellfish, providing a diet alternative for those who’ve gone vegan!

Cancer, yours can be a tough shell to crack. Your sensitivity can make it difficult to get close to people. But, once that barrier is broken, you become extremely and lovingly attached. Crithmum maritimum behaves this way, too. It grows on rocks and rocky soils - hard to attach, but this plant makes it happen! They grow in colonies and keep close together.

As a crab, you likely enjoy relaxing near the water. As you know, the rocky samphire lives in rocky or sandy places, with a perfect view on the ocean. What a life!


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