VIRGO: Hardworking, Modest, Kind (August 23 - September 22)

January 15, 2019

It’s 2019 and after three years of chaos, we can finally rest easy because the stars are aligned for positivity for all signs! Cosmetic products are becoming more personalized for the consumer - allowing people to choose the product that perfectly suits their needs. But what about you, Virgo? As a formulator, which ingredients fit YOUR needs? Virgo, read on to see which SEPPIC ingredient matches your zodiac and personality, and try it out in the lab to see if you connect! Not to be dramatic, but we recommend you hit the ground running in January and February, because Mercury goes into retrograde March 5th!

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There are not enough good things to say about Virgo. You are hardworking and practical, with a love of animals and nature and an aversion to rude or overly showy gestures. You tend to be a little shy, but that’s because you’d rather take a practical approach to all situations and that brings you down to earth.

You’re kind hearted and want others to be happy. As an ingredient, you would want to be something positive, something that makes people feel happy in their own skin. You believe in the power of nature and would want to use a unique plant to put that power on display. You’d want to provide brightness, and protect from pollution. You’d be SAKADIKIUM™, a botanical extract of the butterfly ginger.

Virgo, you are naturally curious and you see the world through fresh eyes all the time. You experience things with newness and brightness. For that reason, you can easily spot trends and go along with the ones that help you express your true self. SAKADIKIUM™ has the same sentiment. This ingredient answers the call for blue light protection, a new need for skincare products. SAKADIKIUM™ is not interested in taking center stage or being a show-off. The extraction is not from the flowers, but from the roots, taking a more practical approach to obtain the nutrients from where they are most concentrated.

You’re admired by your colleagues as being hardworking and multifaceted. SAKADIKIUM™ has these qualities, too. It works against multiple stresses: air pollution, blue light, UVA, and internal stresses.


INCI: Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Hedychium Coronarium Root Extract


You can be a little bit shy at times, it’s true. You don’t want to stand out - rather you’d prefer to blend in with the crowd. Mattifying SEPIMAT™ HB V is your partner in crime, by providing a blur effect allowing the skin to look silky smooth.

Your attention to detail allows you to bring the greatest insights to party planning or home decor. SEPIMAT™ HB V brings what you might think of as a detail while formulating, but which makes a huge difference on the skin - the mattifying effect.

Virgo, you might have been a little bit unlucky in love in your formative years (weren’t we all!?). You have a tendency to keep a lot inside. You are definitely NOT an oversharer. SEPIMAT™ HB V can keep a lot inside, too. Its hollow sphere allows SEPIMAT™ HB V to absorb the maximum quantity of oil, keeping it all in and achieving the high standards that you live your life to!


INCI: Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer

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