Hydration is everything!

April 22, 2020

Moisturization is the key component of skin care routine. Why Because water is essential to the body, and to the skin. These last few weeks, we’ve been washing our hands much more than usual, using hand sanitizers that remove the skin’s lipid barrier and disrupt our skin moisture balance. Our skin care routine has also changed due to different schedules, habits, activities and definitely less social pressure. Some have more time to take care of themselves, some are spending less time on their beauty routines, but everybody is focusing on the basics: cleanse and moisturize the skin. Why is skin hydration so important? What are the mechanisms within the skin, and what ingredients can help refill it with water ?
Let’s find out!

The importance of water for a healthy skin

Our skin contains 65% of water, mostly brought by blood’s circulation. It circulates through the skin’s layers to supply nutrients to the cells, transports proteins and takes toxins & wastes out. It finally evaporates through the epidermis, regulating the body’s temperature.

The multiple benefits of hydrated skin are: Suppleness, elasticity,... Softness: regulation of epidermal renewal and desquamation Healthy aspect: structured cutaneous micro-relief Nice complexion, radiant and luminous skin

A lot of factors affect the skin’s moisturization: Use of cleansing/harsh products, weather conditions, pollution, stress, UV rays, shaving, hair removal, illness, age, genetics, etc...

Dehydrated skin appears dull, rough, flaky, with micro-cracks and loses its elasticity… It can crack, become irritated, turn red, sting and be itchy. Which may lead to blemishes on the skin. The skin is also more exposed to stresses, and it accelerates the aging process.

Did you know?! Even oily skin can be dehydrated! (and you can feel the tightness!) It may produce oil but still lack water! Actually, skin may overproduce oil to try to limit water evaporation...

The 3 key mechanisms of moisturization:

  1. Limit water evaporation (TEWL) with a strong barrier function. Boost ceramides, lipid content, improve cell cohesion. PS: we still want the skin to breathe, forget the occlusive ingredients!

  2. Soak the skin with hygroscopic molecules that act like absorbing sponges. It’s measured with the corneometry test. Hygroscopic ingredients that can help are Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, amino acids,...

  3. Homogenize skin moisturization by improving water circulation, making sure all skin cells are bathing in water!

Terrific ingredients for hydration!

All in one: AQUAXYL™ (opens new window)

A unique combination of natural plant sugars (glucose and xylitol) derivatives.
INCI: Xylitylglucoside - Anhydroxylitol - Xylitol

It rehydrates the skin through all moisturization pathways:

  1. Reinforces the skin barrier by boosting natural proteins and essential lipids like ceramides
  2. Improves water content by boosting the natural hyaluronic acid content, and other moisturizing factors
  3. Optimizes the water circulation, for a good skin water flow

Results :
Visible effects in 8 hours

Aquaxyl™ Results

Reinforce the skin barrier with CERAMOSIDES™ HP (opens new window)

Biomimetic phytoceramides extracted from wheat grain, non-GMO and gluten-free.
INCI: Glycosphingolipids & glycolipids

Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, essentials for the skin, these ceramides strengthen the skin’s barrier function to counter Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

CERAMOSIDES™ HP also improves skin’s elasticity, firmness and tighten pores for a visibly refined skin texture.

Key numbers :

Ceramosides™ HP results


Increase skin moisture and replenish cracks even more by taking CERAMOSIDES™ orally, in an “Inside-out” beauty routine!

Discover the CERAMOSIDES™ (opens new window), the most powerful source of phytoceramides for youthful skin from within!

DUB DIOL* (opens new window): A Great Boost for Hydration!

INCI: Methylpropanediol

DUB DIOL is a multifunctional glycol, providing moisturization to the skin among other benefits. Like other glycols and glycerin, DUB DIOL acts as a great humectant: it binds with water and locks it into the skin. During 3 hours after application, DUB DIOL provides better moisturization than BG and PG. Combined at a 50/50 ratio with Glycerin, it maintains its high level of hydration but improves the skin feel: the cream is smoother and not tacky.

Not only good for the skin, but also for the formulator: DUB DIOL gives more texture than BG and PG, without being as sticky as glycerin. It’s easy to formulate with, odorless, colorless and hydrophilic. It is ideal for clear formulas!


Use DUB DIOL to solubilize fragrances and preservatives: it enhances their efficacy and reduces their use level needed.

FORMULA US20131A - Boosting water cream

Discover the association of our best moisturizing ingredients mentioned above in the Boosting Water Cream. It leaves the skin “Chok Chok”: super moisturized but not oily or sticky. Test the lightweight of a gel with the moisturizing power of a cream!

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