Introducing the Wonders of the Sea

September 24, 2021

Oceans are huge ecosystems with a rich biodiversity of organisms, as I’m sure you could have imagined! About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and oceans are responsible for about 96.5% of all the Earth’s water!

At Seppic, particularly our Biotechmarine plant, located in Brittany, France, we benefit from one of the world’s most remarkable seaweed variations! This particular ecosystem is favorable amongst seaweeds and marine plants due to:

  • water quality
  • water purity
  • the warm nutrient current of the Gulf Stream

But what about marine life has such large potential in the beauty industry?

A Deep Source of Innovation

Did you know that more species have been identified from the sea than on land? And that’s only the start! There are many more to still be discovered - who knows what benefits they might offer?

A few things that make marine life so interesting and unique are:

High adaptability: Many marine species live and adapt in extreme conditions - tidal stress, heat stress, water pressure, osmotic stress, and UV aggression are only some of the examples that marine life has been able to withstand, and THRIVE in! Similarities of structures: Algaes have complex structures and produce complex molecules that are similar to our own skin cells. They are rich in biological active compounds that provide for our skin’s needs.

Here are my favorite examples of seaweeds that adapt to their environments and in turn provide amazing benefits for the skin:

Laminaria ochroleuca protects from the sun

A brown algae found at lower depths Adapted to the excess of light when the tide is low Photo-adaptive mechanisms to minimize damage by solar radiation.

The skin effects tested with ANTILEUKINE 6™:
→ DNA protection against UV stress
Immediate soothing and anti-inflammatory effect: -11% redness after a first application
→ Photo-aging protection: wrinkle reduction and moisturization overtime


Pelvetia canaliculata: protects from dehydration

A brown algae living close to the surface, on rocks Survives lack of water and wind exposure at low tide High source of rare sugars to capt and hold water

The skin effects tested with AMBRE OCEANE™ SPE:
→ Boost skin matrix : +18% collagen III
→ Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) increase: +19% hyaluronic acid, +26% GAGs
-16% total wrinkle surface


Gelidium cartilagineum, regulates fat storage

a deep red sea algae Adapted to the lack of light Manages its fat storage for energy production

Skin effects with Rhodysterol™ S TG:
→ Lipolytic activity
→ Stimulates drainage & waste elimination
-7% fatty tissue thickness


Alaria esculenta, ensures good cohesion and firmness

A large brown seaweed living in agitated waters Survives high sea pressure and strong waves Preserve tissue integrity

The skin effects with JUVENESSENCE™:

→ Aging prevention
+20 % Skin elasticity
+25% firmness


Sustainable Sourcing

In regards to sustainable sourcing, algaes land somewhere at the top of the list!

Algae can grow in areas that are not suitable for agriculture and therefore don’t impact on food crops. There is also no need to water them with fresh water, they have their own sea water filtration system! Productivity wise, brown seaweeds are 6 to 10 times higher than land plants such as corn or sugar cane

Even better, with Seppic’s CELEBRITY™ biotechnology cultivates seaweed in the laboratory, in a cell form, to obtain a high content of active ingredients from algaes that can’t be easily harvested in the nature, whether for technical reasons, or to protect the rare algaes found!

At Seppic, we are experts in marine technologies! Looking for a specific claim? Ask us on the chat!