Bring Zen into the Lab for Stress-Free Formulating!

May 21, 2021

Skincare trends come and go, some faster than others, but when it comes to serums, vitamin C, acids, and mineral products, the trend just continues to grow! Unfortunately, this may cause formulators a lot of trouble to find ways to stabilize new prototypes because of the stressing nature of these high demand ingredients.

Don’t stress yet, I have just the thing for you 😉

Sepimax™ Zen

(INCI: Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6)

Stress Free

Bring a feeling of zen into your lab with Sepimax Zen™! This ready-to-use polymer is revolutionary for formulating. A disruptive innovation patented by Seppic, Sepimax Zen™ builds the foundation for formulas! With maximum resistance to electrolytes, it easily forms beautiful, crystal clear solutions and formulations fluid to rich in texture. Let’s take a look at all of the capabilities of Sepimax Zen!

EU07596 EU07596 (opens new window)
SEPIMAX ZEN™ allows the obtention of a translucent and slightly texturized solution. This multifunctional polymer thickens, stabilizes and texturizes the formula while providing a rich and velvety skin feel.

EU07554 EU07554 (opens new window)
SEPIMAX ZEN™ creates a transparent gel & allows the suspension of different capsules containing pigments. It brings an optimum playtime during application & leaves a veil supporting tint lasting.

US20120 US20120 (opens new window)
SEPIMAX ZEN™ associated with silica gives this bouncy mousse texture.

EU07323 EU07323 (opens new window)
SEPIMAX ZEN™ thickens the foaming gel and brings creaminess to the foam.

See the capabilities of Sepimax Zen for yourself! Chat us to request a sample 😃