Have you heard? Seppic’s Patented Geltrap™ technology made simple and possible with EASYNOV™

July 7, 2021

Water-in-oil formulations are nothing new, but have you heard about gel-in-oil? With Seppic’s patented Geltrap™ technology, your formulation can have up to a 95% aqueous phase! This brings a fresh break sensation upon contact with the skin, and an elegant gliding sensation during spreading while still including the comforting and skin barrier reinforcement of W/O emulsions.

Geltrap Closeup

What is Geltrap™ technology?

Seppic’s pantented Geltrap™ is a technology that produces gel-in-oil emulsions composed of a high internal jellified water phase (thickened by a polymer) with a low external oily phase that is stabilized by a liquid xylolipidic emulsifying system. Hello Easynov™!

Trying to create this type of emulsion may seem difficult and frustrating to stabilize, but not when you use Easynov™. No more adding water drops one by one, just mix the two phases with low or high shear! This emulsifier is cold processable to allow you to enjoy Geltrap™ formulas without the hassle of heating!

With Easynov™, Geltrap™ formulations are made EASY and I’m going to show you how!

Step One: Pick your polymer!

Pick your favorite Seppic easy-to-use polymer to jellify the water phase! I recommend Sepinov™ EMT 10 or Sepiplus™ 400 (but you can try it with whatever you want!)

Step Two: Add Easynov™

With a low percentage of emollients and only 2-3% of Easynov™, now you have your oil phase.

Step Three: Mix!

Watch the video to see the step by step in action 😃

Request a sample in the chat to limit your formulating frustrations! It’s THAT easy!!