Bedside Beauty

March 25, 2022

Beauty routines for the night

There has been a link between beauty and the night because nighttime holds an important place in beauty, and over the centuries bedside routines have evolved and modernized. Nowadays, the night cosmetic market is booming. “Over-night” or “night-time” products launched over the last 3 years have increased by more than 17% with face care as the leading category. The opportunity of this time for cosmetics is to focus on improving the appearance of the skin.

According to a Mintel report, an increasing number of adults are interested in beauty products to improve sleep quality all over the world.

Mintel Study

For these consumers, night time skincare routines are used to decompress and relax before falling asleep. And of course, ingredients play an important role, but also that the textures combine efficiency and emotion.

Bedside Beauty

The 6 steps of the night care routine

The first key step is to clean the skin at the end of every day to remove makeup, get rid of pollution while preserving the skin balance.



This comfortable foam maintains the delicate skin-microbiota equilibrium for harmonious skin thanks to EQUIBIOME™, which offers protective soothing effects for skin comfort, and PROTEOL™ APL EF to respect the skin by cleansing the impurities from the day.

The second key step is with powerful products such as serums. Powerful allies for the skin can limit undesirables, such as dark circles.

BYE-BYE SHADOW ! (EU07241A) (opens new window)

This minimalist formula is effective against dark circles thanks to ADIPOLESS ECO™. It reduces the concentration of red blood cells responsible for this dark under eye cast and reinforces the capillary walls (in-vivo tested) to help maintain skin elasticity. SEPINOV™ EMT 10 creates a stable easy-to-use gel.

Enjoy a moment of self care with a mask that brings the perfect amount of hydration and a fresh complexion in the morning.

ROSE SLEEPING PACK (AS40042) (opens new window)

A refreshing mask that provides a calming effect thanks to SEPICALM™ VG WP, as it reduces discomfort (in-vivo tested) and reduces the production of inflammatory mediators (in-vitro tested). The combination of functional ingredients and SOLAGUM™ AX, a natural thickening agent, ensures easy spreading and no soaping effects, while stabilizing this cream-gel texture.


CHRONOBIO'SLEEPING MASK (AS40142) (opens new window)

This mask allows for a comfortable time at home with a fluid and light texture adapted to the roll-on tube packaging thanks to FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY. It gives an invisible touch and a nacked skin effect while active ingredients bring hydration and improve the skin’s texture. TALADVANCE™ improves skin suppleness throughout the night and restores chronobiology through overnight restoration effects on desynchronized fibroblasts (in-vitro tested). SEPITONIC™ M3.0 boosts the oxygenation of the skin (in-vivo tested) and smoothes the skin textures.

Bring a moment of self care to the shower with a soothing, heating scrub.


ANHYDROUS SUGAR SCRUB WITH AHA (EU07436) (opens new window)

This scrub combines EMOGREEN™ L15 andEMOGREEN™ L19 natural silicone alternatives for a soft touch. SEPICALM™ VG WP brings a soothing effect (in-vivo tested) while CODIAVELANE™ BG PF ensures hydration (in-vivo tested) with reinforcement of the stratum corneum cohesion to help increase water retention of the skin (in-vitro tested).

Seppic goes beyond beauty care categories such as lip care or hair care - which is why the next formula is an ultra light serum to purify the scalp.

THE NIGHT SCALP CAP SERUM (EU07581) (opens new window)

Reduce scalp irritation and texturize the hair with this serum created with SIMULQUAT™ HC 305. This cationic polymer brings a silicone-like feel without weighing down hair for immediate effects after only one use. Easy to use, this ingredient can be used in a cold process. FLUIDIPURE™ 8G rebalances the scalp microbiome for soothed and healthy scalp.

A night beauty routine to efficiently take care of skin and get into a peaceful sleep - could you ask for anything more?

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Nighttime Beauty Cycle