Restore skin harmony with Seppic's P.U.R.E. kit

July 26, 2022

We restore the harmony of our mind and bodies through a variety of different ways: yoga, meditation, self care, etc. - but what about when it comes to our skin?

The skin’s harmony can be restored too! Daily and weekly skincare routines help to restore balance and control excess sebum and reduce dryness, blemishes, and irritation of the skin.

Seppic’s inspirational P.U.R.E. beauty kit walks through the process to Purify, Uniformize, Rebalance, and Exfoliate with powerful actives that regulate sebum production, restore skin harmony, reduce imperfections, and even unclog the skin of the daily pollutants.


No one enjoys oily skin - excess sebum creates blemishes, irritation, and acne. That’s why Seppic formulated the first step to restore the skin’s harmony: purify.


EU07256B (opens new window) Purifying Light Oil-Free Serum A light, oil-free serum designed with purifying actives LIPACIDE™ C8G and LIPACIDE™ UG.


Erase imperfections, reduce hyperpigmentation, and homogenize the skin’s complexion! Diminish blemishes and pimples with the next step: uniformize.


EU07433A (opens new window) Uniform Skin Global Daily Care An anti-imperfections ally that fades imperfections with SUBLIGANA™ and soothe the skin with SEPICALM™ VG WP while AQUAXYL™ moisturizes the skin.


Maintaining the skin’s purity and uniformity all comes down to the balance of the skin, and that is why Seppic’s third step is focused on maintaining the skin’s balance: rebalance.


EU07495 (opens new window) Re-balancing Mild Cleansing Foam

A soft, re-balancing foam with only 10 INCI names! EQUIBIOME™ preserves the skin balance while FLUIDIPURE™ 8G contributes to the balance of the microbiota of the skin.

For an alternative gel cleanser

US20149 US20149 (opens new window) Clear and Gentle Cleansing Gel A crystal clear foaming gel that removes excess oil and impurities with gentle foaming surfactants PROTEOL™ APL EF and ORAMIX™ L 30 EF and AQUAXYL™ to moisturize and restructure the skin.

For a more natural alternative

US20161 (opens new window) Green & Gentle - Rebalancing Face Cleanser A translucent foaming face cleansing gel with a high naturality content, thanks to natural polymer gum SOLAGUM™ AX and powerful actives:

FLUIDIPURE™ 8G rebalances the skin’s pH AQUAXYL™ moisturizes the skin while and respecting its lipid barrier


Now, everything up to this point has been inspiration for a daily routine, but what about the weekly steps? Seppic’s P.U.R.E. kit has two prototypes for the last step: exfoliate.

US20158 (opens new window)Fresh and Clear Acne Gel A light rebalancing gel with 2% salicylic acid that clears with skin and normalizes the sebum thanks to CONTACTICEL™.

For another SA alternative


AS40043C (opens new window) Expert Exfoliating Gel A foolproof care for acne episodes to remove pimples and control oil with SEPICONTROL™ A5 while soothing the skin with SEPICALM™ VG WP.

Looking for an additional weekly step?


EU07534 (opens new window) Trashy Slime Depollution Mask An anti-pollution ~slime~ mask, colored and scented by Matcha tea helps to reduce the effects of pollution on the skin with CONTACTICEL™.

We always focus on the balance and harmonization of the mind and body, so why not the skin 😃

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