The Self-Care Skincare You Didn’t Know You Needed!

February 10, 2022

You don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolates, roses, and a significant other - unless you want to, of course!

But really - you can celebrate Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to ingredients and skincare formulas that just make you FEEL good. Seppic has ingredients that bring zen to the lab, make formulation easy and even ingredients that have been clinically proven to provide comfort and positive emotions - the perfect combination for the holiday!

Bring Zen to the Lab with Sepimax Zen

Formulating can be difficult. And no one understands that like Seppic does! That’s why we created our ingredient Sepimax Zen™ - to bring a sense of zen and calm to the lab because you deserve a little relaxation!

Sepimax Zen™ is:

  • A pre-neutralized powder for read-to-use ease
  • Hot and cold processable to aid in easy formulation
  • Extremely resistant to electrolytes to handle stressful formulations
  • Stable over a wide pH range of 3 to 8
  • Excellent emulsifying and stabilizing powers
  • Suspending capabilities
  • A film former effect with tightening sensation
  • A rich, velvet, and elegant sensory profile with an unique texture

US20107A US20107A (opens new window) Intensive Care Sprayable Lotion

Self Care in your Skin Care

We know self care is a great way to destress and treat yourself. Maybe lighting a candle and taking a hot bath - but what if I told you that there are ingredients that actually make you feel better?

Simulgel™ I-NS 100 is a polymer that has been proven to provide the highest satisfaction in formulation for a pleasing emotional response.

In two different studies, Simulgel™ I-NS 100 offered the highest sensory satisfaction.

Test 1: Preference Mapping

Simulgel I-NS 100 was given an 80-100% satisfactory rate based on 30 French consumers' reactions to a simple, aqueous gel texture.

Test 2: Voice Analysis

When asked about their experience, 30 French consumers voices were analyzed for intensity and valence on their experience with Simulgel I-NS. In combination with Sepinov EMT 10, Simulgel I-NS 100 performed again with an 80-100% satisfactory rate.

Simulgel I-NS 100 is:

  • A versatile polymer with a pH range of 3-12
  • Multifunctional: a thickener, texturizer and a stabilizer
  • Stabilizes all types of oils even at low viscosities
  • Capable of creating sprayable, fluid, and viscous formulations
  • Creates quick-break, fresh textures
  • Easy-to-use and cold processable

US20130 US20130 (opens new window) Under Eye Recovery Serum

Bring Serenity with Sepicalm™ S WP

We have all heard of endorphins, the feel-good hormone released in our bodies that make us feel happy, calm, and satisfied. Don’t you just wish you could increase endorphin production any time you want? You can - with Seppic’s strong active Sepicalm S WP - it’s proven to stimulate the production of β-endorphins!

Sepicalm™ S WP is:

  • A soothing, comforting active that is designed for sensitive skin
  • Proven to provide immediate and long-term moisturization
  • Shown to soften and improve comfort of sensitive skin
  • An amphiphilic structure that strengthens the skin’s defenses

US20126 US20126 (opens new window) Chill Out Night Mask

These ingredients and prototypes are guaranteed to make your Valentine's Day a little more relaxed and enjoyable - exactly what the holiday calls for!

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