EU07383 - Daily Beautifying Hair Serum

A leave-on minimalist and natural spray, for strong & beautiful hair.

Discover this light and 97.3%* biodegradable formula. Formulated with only 8 essentials ingredients!

~ 98.5%** naturality!

XYLISHINE™ repairs, moisturizes and protects hair fiber.
EMOGREEN™ L15 brings shine to your hair without weighing it down. Fibers are reinforced.
SEPIMAX ZEN™ and FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY combination allows to stabilize the very fluid (less than 600 mPa.s) and sprayable emulsion. Good sprayability of the formula > 70% (compared with water control - method 57CO036).

A consumer study (20 volunteers; vs. benchmark) revealed brightness (90%) and softness (55%) of hair by using this formula. 90% would use it.

Minimalism and naturality are keys to strong and beautiful hair!