EU07429 - Red Pop Art Multimasking

A thick and fresh plumping mask for a face rebound! To combine with the other Pop Art Mask to address skin's needs!

Multi-masking, inspired by Pop art, is when you apply different masks that have various uses to different areas of your face.

This Red Pop Art Mask is designed for sagging skin.

Key ingredients

CERAMOSIDES™ HP acts as a high performance anti-aging shield: it refines skin texture & tightens pores.
INCI: Triticum vulgare (Wheat) seed extract
The essence of a perfect skin. They are an original combination (patented) of natural Ceramides & Omega, which protect the skin from the loss of elasticity.

VOLUFORM™ fills wrinkles & revamps the volume of the face lost by skin aging.
INCI: Palmitoyl Isoleucine
Thanks to VOLUFIRMING technology, it is able to fill, and to give curves to the thinned & sagging cutaneous zones by targeting the cells responsible for plumping & firming.
The volume of the face marked by aging is remodelled, the wrinkles formed are filled & erased (clinical efficacy validated on senior citizens).

SEPINOV™ EMT 10 & SEPIMAX ZEN™ create a thick & fresh texture, and allow the formula resistance to challenging actives.
MONTANOV™ 202 & MONTANOV™ 68 MB provide a smooth texture, which is perfectly adapted for a mask.
EMOGREEN™ V21 & EMOGREEN™ L19 deliver freshness & gliding during application, and a soft afterfeel.
LANOL P (Glycol Palmitate), a texturizing agent to improve the consistency. It brings soft skin feel, without any soaping effect.