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EU07540 - Hand & Body Nourishing Balm

A hydrating & soothing balm, formulated with COSMOS approved ingredients for a real sensation of well-being on the skin.


This nourishing balm sublimates both hand and body dry skins thanks to its creamy and non-oily texture.
Quickly absorbed, it is ideal for hand care but also to fight against crocodile skin.

Key ingredients

  • MONTANOV™ 68 MB and MONTANOV™ 202 create a rich and smooth texture and contribute to the skin moisturization over time.

  • EMOGREEN™ L19, a plant-based and biodegradable emollient, eases the application of this balm by bringing lightness and gliding.

  • DUB 810 C, soft and light emollient*, allows a medium playtime perfectly adapted to a body & hand product.

  • SEPILIFT™ DPHP firms skin tissues with collagen fibers stimulation. It also contributes to the formula stabilization.

  • AQUAXYL™ in synergy with glycerin deeply hydrates hands and body.

  • ANTILEUKINE 6™ soothes the skin and reduces inflammations.

NOC= 98.6% (ISO 16128) Biodegradability: 94.3%

This multifunctional COSMOS balm leaves a veil of softness on the skin for a real sensation of well-being!


Phase Ingredient %
A Aqua/water Up to 100%
Glycerin 3.00%
B MONTANOV™ 68 MB 2.00%
MONTANOV™ 202 2.00%
EMOGREEN™ L19 7.00%
DUB 810 C* 5.00%
Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil 3.50%
Copernicia cerifera cera 3.00%
KARITE OR** 1.00%
Tocopherol 0.15%
Cellulose 0.30%
D AQUAXYL™ 1.50%
Glycerin- Aqua - Aloe barbadensis leaf juice 12.50%
Alcohol 6.00%
Benzyl Alcohol - Benzoic Acid -Dehydroacetic Acid - Tocopherol 0.80%
Sodium Hydroxyde 12% 0.05%
Parfum/Fragrance 0.30%
C.I. 15985 0.15%


FORMULATION ADVICES / Pilot - 4 kg - Trimix - Rotor Stator
Heat phase B and phase A separately at 80°C.
Add phase C into phase B under heating.
Wait 2 min and add this blend (B+C) into phase A, emulsify the mixture with rotor stator during 10 min (3000, 80°C).
Let cool down step by step to 50°C (by 15°C-increment).
Add phase D under agitation and cool down from 50°C to 35°C.
Check the homogeneity and the pH of the product.

This prototype can be sampled. Ask us in the chat!

*Stearinerie Dubois’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in the US For other locations, contact Stearinerie Dubois: