EU07549 - Body-sunguard

A fluid & powdery sun protection SPF30, providing both sun and pollution protection. It leaves a dry powdery after-feel.

This formula brings a double protection against sun and pollution.
It leaves a dry powdery after feel thanks to the new natural texturizing powder SEPIFINE™ BB!

SEPIFINE™ BB, used at 2%, reduces the stickiness due to UV filters. This 100% biosourced texturizing powder leaves a velvety and soft afterfeel on the skin and also creates a pleasant playtime.

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY creates a very pleasant light texture and emulsifies the high percentage oily phase (32%), with 19% contributed by the sun filters. The combination of SEPIMAX ZEN™ and SOLAGUM™ AX reinforces the formula stability. EMOGREEN™ L15 gives a gliding playtime, ideal for the sun care products. It brings a light touch, a non greasy and a powdery finish.

This sunscreen brings antioxidant protection thanks to CONTACTICEL™ and anti-pollution properties thanks to EPHEMER™.

Sun Filters authorized in Europe
In vitro SPF = 33 (SEPPIC method 57CO033)
UVA / SPF label = 0,82