US20106 - Intense Moisture - Daily Moisturizing Lotion

A white smooth cream with a very light skin feel at a controlled cost.

Key ingredients

MONTANOV™ 202 is a natural emulsifier that provides Liquid Crystal system ideal to fight against drying skin and stabilizes emulsions.

EMOGREEN™ L19 provides emollience and suppleness to the skin.

SEPIMAX ZEN™ and SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 thickening,stabilizing emulsions and bring a “satin” feel to skin.


Combine phase A and heat to 85°C.
When phase B is completely melted, add phase C one by one to phase B and mix well.
Once both phases A and BC are at 85°C combine them together and homogenize at 4,000 RPM for 4 minutes.
Add phase D during homogenization.
Then cool down the batch with low shear mixing at 100 RPM to 35°C and then add phase E.
Continue to cool to ambient temperature.

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