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US20112 - Water-Resistant Inorganic Sunscreen

A reef-safe sun care cream with 20% inorganic sunscreen actives with In-Vitro SPF30+.


Broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB with In-Vitro SPF30+.

Key ingredients

Emosmart™ L19 is a unique refreshing and gliding sensation emollient.
SEPINOV™ EMT 10 gives thickening and stabilizing properties even with a high level of oil with wide PH of use between 3-12.
SENSANOV™ WR has a unique chemistry that creates a protective film that gives water-resistant property ideal for the development of sun care formulation.


Combine phase B and heat to 40 ̊C to melt polyhydroxystearic acid and then add phase C one by one while homogenizing at 5000 rpm.
Once phase C is added, homogenize at high shear if needed for more minutes.
when phase BC is properly dispersed and uniformed, stop homogenizing and then add phase D and heat to 85 ̊C.
Heat water phase A to 85°C.
Heat oil phase BCD to 85°C then add E.
Combine oil and water phases together and homogenize at 4,000 RPM for 4 minutes.
Cool down the batch with low shear mixing to 60°C and add F, then cool down the batch to ambient temperature.

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