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US20156 - Moisturizing Hydroalcoholic Gel

A clear alcohol-based gel with a soft moisturizing skin feel!


A clear sanitizing gel that offers moisturization for a soft skin finish. Sanitize your hands without drying them out!


  • Clear hydroalcoholic gel
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Moisturizing

Key Ingredients

SEPIMAX ZEN™ thickens this hydroalcoholic gel and keeps it clear. (Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6) Pre-neutralized powder polymeric thickener with a MAXIMUM resistance to electrolytes thanks to its high associative behavior. Efficient on a wide range of pH from 3 to 8, it is able to formulate transparent aqueous gels. It can also provide oil stabilizing effect and particle suspension property. It imparts rich, velvet and elegant skin feel.

A high content of DUB THG* emollient for comfort and soft skin feel. (Triheptanoin)) DUB THG* is a natural emollient with good solubilizing properties. It offers a good spreadability and non-greasy feel, perfect to add some emolliency to this hand sanitizer.


Laboratory scale - 300g - Deflocculator

Combine Phase A ingredients and mix to get a clear solution. Add phase B to phase A under the deflocculator at 500 rpm, then increase speed to 1500 rpm and continue to mix until uniform gel is formed. Add phase C while mixing at 1500 rpm, continue mixing to get a clear gel.


Aspect: Crystal Clear gel

Packaging: Pump

pH: 6.1

VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 6070 mPa.s Brookfield LV64 @ 12 rpm

Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 6090 mPa.s Brookfield LV64 @ 12 rpm

STABILITY: 3M 45°C, F/T Passed 3 cycles -5°C/40°C and -17°C/ Room Temperature

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