New Launch! Healthy aging with Aspar’age™

November 15, 2018

Pro-aging trend is taking over anti-aging: The idea is to be proud of your age, not to fight against aging to look younger. In cosmetics, it is about enhancing our beauty & protecting our skin’s youth capital. Skin is exposed to multiple stresses, leading to premature aging. A lot of active ingredients protect the skin from external stresses (pollution, UV, blue light, oxidative stress,...), but protecting from endogenous stresses is a new emerging concept. Let’s see how Aspar’Age™ provide a better healthy aging...

The ingredient: a red algae extract rich in Mycosporine-like aminoacids

Aspar’Age™ is extracted from the red algae Asparagopsis armata, an algae rich in mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs), small metabolites providing UV protection to the algae.

Asparagopsis armata

Eaten by Sea Hares, cousins of sea slugs and octopuses, the MAAs of the algae provides to the animal the ability to repel predators, alarms each other of a danger,... It is the key molecule for their survival and communication. And it also affects the survival and communication between cells in our skin...

An innovative mechanism: reduction of the contagious aging

Aging generates senescent cells, unable to duplicate and divide anymore. These “tired” cells release numerous molecules, the “Senescence messaging secretome” (SMS), which will affect neighbouring young cells and induce “contagious aging”. Seppic developed a new in vitro and patented model to show that Aspar’Age™ is able to protect young fibroblasts from this contagious aging, in order to preserve the skin’s youth capital.

The results: measurable and visible results

After 28 days treatment, at 2%, clinical results showed a reduction of the under eye wrinkles.


But what matters the most for consumers is visible results. The pictures of each volunteer were taken at D0 and D28, and were all compared by a large naive panel. Panelists were able to find the “after treatment” pictures, and saw a younger look, less wrinkled. Aspar’Age™ contributes to improve the skin appearance, by protecting from contagious aging.

A natural and efficient active

INCI: Glycerin - Aqua / Water - Propanediol - Asparagopsis Armata Extract
Use level: 2%
Approvals: China compliant, ECOCERT, COSMOS

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