Life isn’t perfect, but your HAIR can be!

July 3, 2018

Hair care is taking lots of inspiration from skin care and we are here for it! One trend that our hair can greatly benefit from is MULTIMASKING, or applying different treatments to different parts of the hair and scalp. When we think about it, it makes perfect sense! Read on to see our formula and ingredient recommendations for inspiration on this trend.

Target the Scalp

The best way to extend your blowout an extra day (or two!) is to maintain a healthy scalp. About half of Americans have experienced at least some symptoms of dandruff, with even more experiencing other scalp issues like oiliness, itchiness, or irritation.

If you have dry hair, you might feel torn between keeping your locks conditioned, and keeping your scalp clear. A targeted treatment to help maintain a healthy scalp is the answer!

We suggest a clear formula for a clear scalp. The water phase is a crystal-clear blue, the oil phase is crystal clear and colorless - just shake and apply the mixture directly to the scalp! Our biphase formulation EU07280A LOTION « 2 CURES 4 YOU » fights oily scalp with two nature-inspired ingredients:

  • In the oil phase, the algae extract ESCULANE™ is dedicated to reduce flakes. It helps to have a good stratum corneum cohesion, reduce scalp inflammation and reduces Malassezia furfur proliferation.
  • In the water phase, FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, a combination of Aminovector™ and sugar derivatives, rebalances the microbiome to reduce unpleasant odors, scalp irritation and oily flakes.

Key to formulating the bi-phase, the non-polar alkane EMOSMART™ L19 keeps a clean separation between the two phases and stabilizes the interface. This emollient will bring a fresh, light, vanishing texture while allowing you to keep your formulation free from silicones.

Nourish the Mid-lengths

Your hair mid-lengths are here to stay. They need extra care, because they take up the bulk of your style, and they aren’t going away during your next trip to the salon. (Unless you go through a breakup and get a chop, in which case we’re proud of you!)

Our conditioning formulation EU07310 LOVELY LOCKS MASK « REPAIR AND MOISTURIZE » uses a cationic polymer, SIMULQUAT™ HC 305 to stabilize the formula while closing the scales for a smooth, flawless look. SIMULQUAT™ HC 305 can be used in sprayable to thick formulations, creating a wide range of textures for hair conditioning treatments.

Treat the Ends

Of all the parts of your hair, your ends have suffered the most. They’ve been heated, curled, straightened, and stuck in the elastic of your messy bun for as long as they’ve been around. They deserve some special treatment!

Our formulation US20084: NATURAL HAIR TREATMENT OIL has been formulated with all-natural ingredients, delivering nutrients for extra care. The star ingredient to create the base is DUB 810 C, which lightly and luxuriously coats the hair for a silky finish.

Finish your treatment off with volume and shine from the oil-soluble active ingredient SEA SATIN™, coming from the sea beet.

Rinse and Complete!

Rinse your hair and apply a leave-on treatment for styling and endless shine!

Formula EU07442: Curl Hydration Leave-On Spray has been tested in vivo on Caucasian and Brazilian hair.

XYLISHINE™, sourced from sugars from algae and wood, brings deep moisturization of the hair fiber and closes the cuticles. The hair is shiny, smooth and curls are redefined!

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