What CICA CREAMS are made of!

June 21, 2018

CICA creams are just one of the many contributions of the innovative K-beauty. They are named for their superstar ingredient, Centella Asiatica (C from Centella, -ICA from AsiatICA). Centella Asiatica was traditionally used in Indian ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to relieve the skin, inspired by several legends and myths about the plant's healing power. It is said that tigers, after fighting, would roll into beds of centella asiatica to soothe and heal their wounds.

CICA is everywhere! What is it?

Thanks to the soothing properties of their key ingredient, claims of CICA creams have centered around skin relief, skin barrier strengthening, and moisturization. Early Western adopters of these dermocosmetic creams have centered around gentle properties with scar-healing claims (like La Roche-Posay's CICAPLAST).

Now, the concept of CICA is extended to a broader scope, with additional skincare benefits, such as protection and reparation, and to other skincare segments, like mature skin.

It's no secret that K-beauty is one of the hottest trends. CICA creams fully embody the K-beauty spirit:

  • Clear, glowing skin: CICA creams often have soothing, anti-redness, and scar minimizing properties.
  • Combination of NATURAL and DERMOCOSMETICS: Centella asiatica has been extensively studied for its benefits to the skin.
  • The power of tradition: Many K-beauty ingredients pay homage to rituals and traditional medicine.

Sensitive skin consumers seek a CICA new solution

Due to the effects of pollution, stress, genetics, and other factors, the number of consumers claiming to have sensitive skin continues to rise, with the need for new soothing products increasing along with it. The CICA concept is answering to this need by targeting a needed claim with a natural and scientifically supported solution.

Superior botanical extraction

Our botanical extraction plant has specialized specifically in Centella Asiatica, and has been studying its composition for decades.

Centella Asiatica from Madagascar is especially rich in protective molecules: polyphenols, especially those protecting the plant from oxidation, and different pentacyclic triterpenes, which protect the plant against parasitic attacks.

We are also able to extract and purify the specific triterpenes known to have therapeutic properties from the Centella Asiatica.

centella asiatica tree

TALADVANCE™ (opens new window) is the extract closest to the plant's composition, containing all its molecules. Dedicated to aggressed skin, it immediately improves its global aspect (within 30 mins, in vivo), with a radiance boost.

The extract TECA™ (opens new window) contains Asiaticosides, Asiatic Acid, and Madecassic Acid molecules. These molecules help to repair/regenerate the skin. TECA™ is the best option for aggressed skin and regeneration, with an accelerated wound healing process (around 40% faster in vitro).

We are also able to purify Madecassoside (opens new window) molecules to soothe and fight redness (-25% after 56 days, in vivo), itchiness (-53% after 56 days, in vivo), and desquamation (significant anti-scaling effect in vivo). Madecassoside is the most powerful solution for sensitive skin, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Heterosides™ (opens new window) are dedicated to mature skins. These are the glycosylated molecules, which will moisturize, smooth, and fight wrinkles (-36% of the crow's feet wrinkles surface and -8% TEWL after 28 days in vivo).

CICA creams allow us to integrate derma science and natural ingredients. The new hero for sensitive skin!

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