WeSource Beauty! Join SEPPIC's Actives Expert at the IMWSCC Spring Meeting

May 14, 2018

DIVE IN with us to learn about SEPPIC's active ingredients offer. Our Active Ingredients expert will take you on a deep-sea trip to learn about our marine technologies - sourcing species of algaes and marine plants, and how innovative technologies can create actives targeting any kind of skin or hair condition. It's a subterranian amazon out there!

#Meet Laure-Anne Laure-Anne Gillon is the Actives Expert for Seppic, Inc, based in New Jersey. Her role focuses on our active ingredients range: WeSource, giving technical and scientific expertise to their customers. Prior to working at Seppic Inc., Laure-Anne worked in France for Unipex, a specialty ingredients distributor. as Technical Account Manager. She was then Technical Marketing Manager, in charge of developing finish products to give technical and marketing support to customers. Laure-Anne graduated from the Ecole de Biologie Industrielle in France, a biotechnology engineering school (Master of Science), and specialized in Research and Development and Marketing applied to the Cosmetic industry. She had experiences on finish product development at L’Oréal, Givaudan, Chanel before coming to the ingredient industry.

When Algae Adaptations Benefit the Skin

Specific algaes and marine plants have to survive in an extreme environments: strength of the waves, salt and osmotic pressure, alternance of immersion/emersion in the sea resulting in dryness, fast rehydration, wind and UV exposure,...

Their survival depends on their capacity to adapt, synthesize strong active molecules and develop specific mechanisms.

It's a very rich source of inspiration for cosmetics, as the algae extracts can effectively bring interesting properties to skin and hair.

The presentation will develop:

  • different types of algaes and their particularities (diversity, types,...)
  • the stresses they have to face, and how it can be usefull for the skin
  • biotechnologies that can improve their properties
  • Extension to some marine plants

This can be illustrated by concrete examples like for Pelvetia canaliculata, a brown seaweed that lives on rocks, at the higher level of tide.

It is exceptionally resistant to air exposure at low tide, and has strong regenerating properties when water is high. By in vitro and in vivo tests, we showed its content energizes and regenerates the skin with a visible wrinkle reduction effect.

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