Cosmetic actives for Nip/Tuck Claims

March 13, 2019

In a world where our self-image is everywhere (social media, internet,...), and where we have perfect images from celebrities, insta people,... we tend to show and maintain the best image of ourselves, by any means: healthy food, exercise, cosmetics and even surgery. Surgery is very efficient, gives quick results and various possibilities, but it also provides invasive results, safety risks at high costs. Some cosmetic products act on the same paths as cosmetic surgery and offer non-invasive & affordable solutions at home with a natural effects. Let’s see the different targets and solutions we provide!

Skip the Botox®: inhibit muscle cell contraction with SEPILIFT™ DPHP (opens new window)

Botox®️ injections consist of injecting botulinum toxin which paralyzes the underlying muscles. It temporarily reduces facial wrinkles (mainly crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines).

SEPILIFT™ DPHP is an Aminovector™ of hydroxyproline, a specific component of collagen. It contracts the collagen fibers, and inhibits the muscle cell contraction for a visible wrinkle reduction of 32% vs placebo.

INCI: Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline

No more needles: boost your natural HA content with AQUAXYL™ (opens new window)

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in the skin matrix, retain moisture for a plumped and hydrated skin. Injecting HA temporarily provides volume and elasticity to the skin and improves its contour. This minimally-invasive procedure is mainly used for face wrinkles, scars and hollow cheeks.

AQUAXYL™ is a natural association of plant sugar derivatives: xylitol and glucose. It boosts the natural hyaluronic acid skin synthesis, plumping the skin from inside. Skin moisturization is improved resulting in a better aspect.

INCI: Xylitylglucoside - Anhydroxylitol - Xylitol

Address redness without the laser: ADIPOLESS™ (opens new window) & ROSABORA™ (opens new window)

Skin laser treatment consists of applying a pulsating beam of light that removes specific areas of the epidermis and heats the dermis. It stimulates cell renewal and growth of new collagen fibers. It has many benefits, like reducing facial wrinkles, scars and blemishes. For redness, red blood vessels, and rosacea, it’s the main procedure considered.

Red blood vessels are a concern in dark undereye circles. Our extract of Quinoa grain, ADIPOLESS™, inhibits neovascularization by 90% which is particularly interesting for the undereye area. It has shown a significant reduction of the red blood cells concentration in the dermis to tone down the purple color of the dark circle.

ROSABORA™, a purified extract from Tambourissa Trichophylla, is a unique concentrate of polyphenols which modulates capillary network & inflammation. It’s particularly efficient on rosacea-prone skins, reducing the microcirculation on the face by 42% after 28 days.

ADIPOLESS™ INCI: Butylene Glycol & Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract

ROSABORA™ INCI: Tambourissa Trichophylla Leaf Extract

Peeling-like: brighten the skin with SEPIWHITE™ MSH (opens new window) and boost cell renewal with CELTOSOME™ CRITHMUM MARITIMUM (opens new window)

Peelings consists of applying on the skin a chemical solution (AHA, Trichloroacetic acid,…) which exfoliates and stimulates cell turnover. It improves the skin’s texture and tone, reduces fine lines and scars, and clears up acne. It’s mainly used on face, neck, hands and is a harsh treatment.

If you want to brighten your skin and get rid of dark spots, SEPIWHITE™ MSH is the solution. It’s an AMINOVECTOR™ of phenylalanine, an α-MSH antagonist. It will block the MC1R receptor of melanocytes, involved in regulating the melanin synthesis. All the key steps in pigmentation cascade are thus inhibited, the melanin content after 7 days can be reduced by as much as 24%. With SEPIWHITE™ MSH, get lightening effects and erase the dark spots, without irritation.

To get a fresh new skin, the best is to boost the proliferation of cells. CELTOSOME™ CRITHMUM MARITIMUM is a plant stem cells extract from sea fennel, a medicinal plant with a high resistance to external factors. It’s rich in phenolic compounds, known to prevent or attenuate skin disorders (aging, damages like wounds and burns,...). This CELTOSOME™ regulates the skin pigmentation, boosts cell renewal and brings radiance, wrinkles reduction and tonicity to the skin.

INCI: Crithmum Maritimum Extract

No need for fillers: enhance your curves with VOLUFORM™ (opens new window)

Lipofilling consists of injecting some of the patient's own fat to add volume in soft tissues, reduce scars and improve the elasticity of the skin. It’s generally used for cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, breast.

VOLUFORM™ is a natural alternative to lipofilling, made of an isoleucine biovector, essential amino acid involved in regulation of blood sugar, energy and muscle metabolisms. VOLUFORM™ stimulates the adipocytes functionality, making them storing more fat, for more skin volume. Tested on the face, it brings firmness & elasticity (83% of cheeks are re-plumped). On the breast, it gives a push-up effect with up to one cup size gained after one month.

INCI: Palmitoyl Isoleucine

Slim your silhouette with ADIPOSLIM™ (opens new window) and RHODYSTEROL™ S TG (opens new window)

Liposuction, cryoablation, radiofrequency,... are fat removal procedures in order to slim and reshape the body. They are usually done on thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, neck, cheeks,…

Besides exercise, a natural way to get rid of the fat is to stimulate the adipocytes to release the fat. ADIPOSLIM™ is a proline amino acid vectorized to act on adipocytes functions. It boosts the lipolysis, like the caffeine would do, without crystallization problems in formulation. It also recycles fatty acids into cellular energy instead of fat.

The clinical tests showed a reduction of cellulite and of fat infiltration without any massage.

RHODYSTEROL™ S TG is an extract from a red algae that regulates its own lipid storage thanks to its sterols content. It stimulates lipolysis, drainage, inhibits penetration of glucose in adipocytes and adipocytes maturation. Clinical tests showed a thigh circumference reduction up to 1cm, a reduction of the orange peel skin aspect and diminution of the fatty acid tissue thickness.

ADIPOSLIM™ INCI: Sorbitan Laurate & Lauroyl Proline

RHODYSTEROL™ S TG INCI: Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride – Gelidium Cartilagineum Extract - Phytosterols