We're Talking Bodies!

March 28, 2019

DID YOU KNOW that there were 2,552 body care launches in the US, in just the last year alone?* In the past, the average consumer was more likely to splurge on the face and save on the body with a simple moisturizer. But with more options to achieve that flawless glow, and more celebrities flaunting their perfect skin (have you seen J.Lo’s Instagram?), the climate is set for an uptick in product designed specifically for body care. With summer just around the corner (signs up for spin classputs down the nacho) let’s talk body care!

FAST FACTS on Body Care Formulation


According to Mintel, 72% of body care formulations contain moisturizing and/or hydrating claims. If hydration is the key point, you want to be sure that you are both bringing moisture to the skin and enhancing the skin’s barrier effect to keep the water inside - the perfect solution is using an emulsifier which promotes liquid crystals.\

Thanks to its ability to form liquid crystals and excellent compatibility with the skin, MONTANOV™ 202 (opens new window) is your perfect partner for body care emulsions.
The barrier effect is strong with this one - the lamellar phases have an organization similar to that of epidermal lipids, allowing the emulsion to support a restructuring effect. An emulsion with MONTANOV™ 202 boasts a 63% reduction in TEWL after 1 hour**.
Within a liquid crystal emulsion, there are tiny little reservoirs of water that are released over time. These little pockets of water continue to moisturize the skin throughout the day. There is so much to learn about liquid crystals - head over to the chat to ask for the full presentation!

Natural origin

Moisturizing is key for body care products, but the origin ingredients used is one of the main concerns as well: 65% of these products claim to use the benefits of botanical and herbal ingredients.
What’s better than looking at nature and getting inspired from it to nourish (and cherish) our body? Sugars are key for plants, providing them with energy, strength, protection as well as regulating their water content.

AQUAXYL™ (opens new window) is a patented combination of natural sugars boosting three cutaneous moisturizing pathways in the skin: restructures the cutaneous barrier by boosting ceramides, improves water circulation and enhances water reserves by boosting the natural hyaluronic acid content of the skin.

Clinical tests on the legs show better hydrated skin, the micro-relief and desquamation are significantly improved after 30 days for healthy and overall good looking skin.

Fast application, quick dry and long-time effect

One thing that makes North America unique - we are BUSY, and consumer brands are capitalizing on that. A growing trend in body care: claims related to time/speed. 27% of products have claims related to time or speed: “fast application,” “quick dry,” “48-hour moisture.”

To create a product that’s brings a comfortable, moisturizing aspect and a fresh skin feel without the stickiness of an intense moisturizer - polymer SIMULGEL™ INS 100 (opens new window) is your go-to. With a quick-break, fresh texture, SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 will create lotions and creams that glide on with ease, allowing a smooth application to get you out the door quickly.


MONTANOV™ 202: Arachidyl Alcohol & Behenyl Alcohol & Arachidyl Glucoside

AQUAXYL™ : Xylitylglucoside & Anhydroxylitol & Xylitol

SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100: Hydroxyethyl Acrylate / Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer & Isohexadecane & Polysorbate 60

Rising Stars

We are all familiar with creams, lotions, butters, and body oils. What’s the next generation? In a recent Mintel report, the top two product formats in body care in the past year have been sprays and gels/jellies.***

To inspire you, our lab has created some new formulations in these categories:

Mirror Gel

US20087 Mirror Gel

US20107 Creamy Mist

US20107 Creamy Mist

Questions? Samples? Interested in our full presentation? Request in the chat!

*Mintel. (2019). Personal Care - Body Care - U.S.- May 2017. Retrieved December 18, 2018 from Mintel Reports database.
**SEPPIC in-vitro study, vs. control cream-gel achieving -7% TEWL
*** Mintel report: The Future of Body Care, 2018.