Hangover Beauty Kit

November 20, 2019

The beauty care market is evolving, with new consumers like millennials, expecting to make up to 30% of total global beauty retail sales by 2020 and new behaviors of buying online, discovering products through influencers, online videos, blogs like this one… The new start up brands are gaining market shares by providing positive emotions with their products, engagement on social media and a personalized experience. They offer funnier products, making consumers look cool, feel pretty and confident, no matter their lifestyle.

Millennials want to have fun…but they also want to look flawless the morning after! We made the ultimate kit for them: the Hangover beauty kit! Let’s discover what’s inside!

US20123 "Last Call" After Wine Sugar Lip Scrub


Remove wine stains from your lips with this sugar scrub, to achieve smooth and clean lips! The formula provides lip exfoliation, moisturization for healthy lips and anti-aging effect.

Key ingredients:

US20122 "Afterparty" Makeup Remover


The trend in makeup removers consist of micellar waters, that can leave the skin dry, or oils and balms that require an additional step of rinse-off.

After a long night out, what you need is a gentle and moisturizing makeup remover, efficient but also easy-to-use. With this white and smooth emulsion, no need to rinse, one step is enough when you’re exhausted! Just apply on a cotton pad and gently remove makeup.

Key ingredients:

US20125 “Skin rehab” Detoxifying & energizing mist


Like “oxygen therapies” helping you feel energized and hangover-free, this mist detoxifies and wakes up your skin after a long night out. It’s a very fine, sprayable milky formula, that energizes and detoxifies the skin, moisturizes and provides a matt and silky finish.

Key ingredients:

US20118 "Hangover cure" Replenishing Lotion


Greek yogurt is a surprising miracle cure for hangover symptoms, rich in potassium to replenish the body. Like a greek yogurt, this nourishing lotion is the perfect remedy for the skin! It also improves the skin barrier to rehydrate tired skins.

The formula is a smooth “greek yogurt”-like emulsion, providing comfort during application, rehydrating tired skin and nourishing with Argan butter and Olive wax.

Key ingredients:

US20114 “Cover-up”Color correcting stick


In order to hide eye bags, neutralize under eye circles and camouflage redness and blemishes (including the ones that can appear after excessive drinking and partying), a color correcting stick will be your best partner in crime!

This creamy texture melts onto the skin to give a flawless look. Its beige color helps to illuminate & hide dark circles allowing the skin to look awake and luminous after a short night. Rich in active ingredients, it also soothes, moisturizes and corrects wrinkles.

Key ingredients:

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