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January 14, 2020

Millennials, Gen Z,... What’s the big deal?

New generations are changing the rules: with different ways of shopping, different lifestyles and loyalties toward brands compared to their parent generation. Brands need to adapt their products and marketing to each generation segment!
Customization is also an added value in skin care, making it more suitable for every single person. With the rise of individuality, offering products for each age, lifestyle & personality is a must!
Psychologists have discovered our teen years (age 11-15) influence the way we view the world and partially define what we become as adults, in terms of values, behaviors and beliefs. That’s what makes each generation different.
Let’s meet the four main active generations, what they have experienced and understand their specific characteristics!

Baby boomers - Born between 1946 and 1964

Baby Boomers

Born after World War II, during an economic boom, The Baby Boomer generation is the highest proportion of the population (72 millions of Americans in 2019).
People globally are healthier and living longer, allowing many baby boomers to work into their 60s and even 70s. They started their careers in a time of economic expansion, have reached senior positions, have inherited wealth from their parents, and have now the highest spending power among all age groups.

Today, they are obsessed with technology: tracking the latest apps, comparing prices onlines,... They look for clear and relevant information. Baby boomers are also the “forever young” generation: they want to remain active, travel,... and don’t want to be addressed as old.

Our suggestions: Offering them strong actives reducing aging signs, targeting known targets (collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, melanin,...) with positive wordings.

Baby Boomers targets

Gen X - Born between 1965 and 1980

Gen X

Also called the ``forgotten generation”, they were born during a period when Americans were having fewer children, and have always been under the shadow of boomers.

It is still a promising generation to target: 66 millions today, they will outnumber the boomers in 2028. They are in mid-career , with families and households earning more than other age groups. They are the decision makers, with an influence on other generations (parents or children).

Despite being a promising target, they also are financially stressed, so a marketer must give them a good reason to buy. The Gen X generation was the first to have both parents working or were part of a divorced household. They had to take care of themselves early, are super independant, adaptive and hard workers. They look for a good work-life balance, and particularly care about their family.

For these reasons, sun protection products are made for them: Safe, efficient and necessary!

Sun Care

Some of our lab recommendations for sun care formulas:

Gen Y - Born between 1981 and 1996

Gen Y

The generation Y, also called millennials, is the largest group since the Baby Boomers, and are overtaking them, with 73 million in America (25% of the population). They earn more than baby boomers used to at the same age, but have massive student debts, which delays major life purchases (homes, wedding), but not day-to-day purchases. They rather experience than owning & they value relationships over possession.

They experienced the computer revolution, have a high mobile usage, which they use for sharing their experience on social media. Today, they want to have fun! They want beauty products that will provide them with emotions & happiness in use, while being fun products, addressing their lifestyle.

Our suggestions:
Our polymers have been shown to provide a sensory experience, with emotional responses. SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 (opens new window) got the best satisfaction score, giving the most pleasure upon application! Try it out!

Our Hangover beauty kit is the perfect fit for this generation!

Hangover Beauty Kit

Gen Z - Born between 1997 and 2010

iGen world

Also called the “iGen”, they are true digital natives: they never lived without the internet and have become the most open minded generation to date. They are used to real-time communications, have access to all information available right away and are looking for the truth..
This will be the largest generation of consumers in a few short years, surpassing the millenials!

They are still young but already represent up to $143 billion in direct spending, and also influence parents: 93% of parents say their children influence family and household purchases.

They are concerned about the economy and debt, are pessimistic and they mobilize themselves for a variety of causes, especially the environment.

Brands need to communicate to them on social medias, provide truthful information and go towards Eco-conscious products.

Seppic offers a lot of alternatives to create greener and safer beauty: Hydralixir™ (opens new window) range of algae waters to reduce your fresh water footprint, a green and sustainable powder with Sepifine™ BB (opens new window), mineral oil replacement with DUB TOGEE, greener polymers,...

Tell us what your next green move is, we will tell you what to use!

For our younger generation, try our actives to say Bye Bye to blemishes !

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