New Launch! SEPIFINE™ BB: Next generation texturizing powder from natural, sustainable, and ethical sourcing

June 6, 2019

The demands for sustainable and natural ingredients in new product development have never been higher. Consumers are concerned not only by what they put on their skin, but also by how their products affect the environment.

The challenge is to create the innovative, elegant formulations the consumer has become accustomed to, all while going green and minimizing our environmental impact.

Texturizing powder SEPIFINE™ BB answers the challenge, bringing a soft, velvety finish from natural and ethical sourcing.

Next Generation Texturizing Powder

SEPIFINE™ BB (opens new window) is an oil absorbing and mattifying powder from natural, sustainable, and ethical sourcing. The powder absorbs oil for a superior mattifying effect and long term sebum control. With SEPIFINE™ BB, improve slip for a dry glide in formulation - especially in typically sticky sun care emulsions.

Ethical & Sustainable Sourching: Product of Babassu

SEPIFINE™ BB is a product of babassu.

A cousin of the coconut palm tree, the babassu palm grows naturally in forests in Brazil. The local economy relies heavily on the harvesting of Babassu nuts. Different parts of babassu are used for a wide range of industries.


The babassu for SEPIFINE™ BB comes from a specific area of Brazil, helping to drive their local economy.


The ethical sourcing of the babassu is validated by the “Origens Brasil” organization, which assures the equitable sharing of economic resources between local communities throughout the supply chain.

High Performance in Formulation

SEPIFINE™ BB is dispersible in either water or oil, with a primary function of texturizing agent for skin care and makeup applications.

Powders / Makeup: Use to bring softness and fine texture in loose or compact powders Cream-gels: Increase formula softness and oil absorption without impacting the white shade of the cream-gel. Sun care: Minimize stickiness from suncare filters and dispersing esters.

INCI: Amylopectin* *China compliant

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