New Launch! Reduce the water footprint of cosmetic products with HYDRALIXIR™

May 23, 2019

HYDRALIXIR™ range is a collection of algae cellular fresh waters combining responsible innovation & natural sourcing. Sourced in Brittany, and by-products of the algae industry, they are in line with customers & consumers expectations in terms of eco-responsible ingredients. Aimed to replace part of the water in cosmetic products, these algae waters help to reduce our water footprint of the final product, because water is precious!

Water: a rare resource


Earth is referred to as the “water planet” because 75% of it is covered by water.

So why does it need to be conserved? Here are the reasons why we should look after our water consumption:

A very low amount of freshwater is available on Earth.

Even if 75% of Earth is covered by water, 97.2% of this water is sea water, 2.5% only being fresh water. The majority of this freshwater is contained in glaciers and snow-capped mountains across the world, which leaves only 0.7% of the world’s fresh water available for consumption, with big disparities in accessibility. According to a NASA-led study, many of the world’s freshwater sources are being drained faster than they are being replenished.

An increase in Human Population and water demand

In 1947, 2.5 billion people populated the globe. By 1947, this number had grown to 5 billion. Today, there are 7.5 billion people in the world!

Not only the population is growing, but so are urbanization and rising incomes (mostly in developing countries). It contributes to increased domestic and industrial demand for water.

*A lot more fresh water is used above and beyond our direct water use.

We use fresh water daily for drinking, showering, cooking, and laundry, but we also use it in ways we don’t see, such as agriculture, energy, and other industries.

As an example, it requires 140 liters (or 37 gallons) of water to produce one cup of coffee, 700 liters for 1 kg of apples, 3,400 liters for 1 kg of rice, 15,500 liters for 1kg of beef! (study here (opens new window))

Reduce our water footprint in the cosmetic industry with HYDRALIXIR™

The “water footprint” of a product is the amount of water that is consumed and polluted throughout all processing stages of its production. The consumer use and disposal phase are also important to consider.

For most personal care products, water is the main component. Replacing part of the water can help to reduce the product’s water footprint.

Some cosmetic companies purify water by osmosis, to remove contaminants. In order to produce 1,000 L of osmosis-purified water we estimated it requires 1587L of drinkable water (due to the filtering process). To produce 1,000 L of HYDRALIXIR™ (opens new window) water, only 60 L of fresh water are used because the algae already filters sea water for its own use (we only use water for rinsing tanks). Their internal fresh water, usually a waste for the algae industry, is then captured by mild-temperature evaporation to provide clear water with a low impact on drinkable resources.

HYDRALIXIR™ (opens new window) is not only natural and eco-responsible, but it is also an efficient solution to reduce our consumption of drinkable/fresh water resources in personal care.

Two grades available, from different algaes with naturally high water content


INCI HYDRALIXIR™ LD (opens new window): Laminaria Digitata Water
INCI HYDRALIXIR™ CC (opens new window): Chondrus Crispus/Gigartina Stellata Water

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