TAURUS: Your SEPPIC Horoscope Awaits!

May 16, 2019

Happy birthday, Taurus! You might not know this yet, but 2019 is YOUR YEAR. Yes, things might be a little bit tricky right now with Uranus in your sign throughout August. Uranus likes change, while you take comfort in stability and habits. But, if you roll with it, there is a huge potential for personal growth. Around the end of November, luck will find you! Your 2019 is projected to bring you benefits in your professional and personal life. Read on to formulate with the stars and to reap the benefits of your zodiac!

Your formula

The formula we've chosen for you is inspired by Taureans’ strong will and stubbornness (in a good way, we promise!). Your willpower and determination are what make you one of the most respected signs. You can handle anything that’s thrown your way, regardless of the stress it might cause someone else.
The DIY Dermocosmetic Base has been formulated for skincare and body care to be able to withstand minerals, extreme pH, stressful actives, and fragrances, so that you can streamline your batching with a base you can rely on. Won't believe it til you see it? Check out these before and after photos we’ve taken after adding sea salt, urea, and SEPITONIC™ M3.0 (a mineral cocktail) - see for yourself!

[photo base / minerals] [photo base / urea] [photo base / salt]

Of course if something is too strong, the drawback can be texture - but not in this case! The best way to believe it is to feel for yourself, so if you’d like to give it a try - request a sample from us by chat.

Your ingredient : SOLAGUM™ AX

Taurus is one of the strongest zodiac signs, with many Taureans identifying closely with the associated personality traits. Of course, that makes sense - you’re the bull! There are no half-bulls.

Taurus, you are nature-loving and indulgent. You are revered for your strong desire to work hard. People don’t see how you can keep so motivated - but you know the secret. You take your life one day at a time and don’t get caught up in the ups and downs. This allows you to remain on track and continue pushing forward. If you were an ingredient, you’d be SOLAGUM™ AX. This natural polymer brings stability to the formula, just as your steady nature brings stability to the lives of those around you.

Read on on to find out your full ingredient personality.

INCI: Acacia Senegal Gum & Xanthan Gum

Your lab bench

Taurus, you’re practical and stable. Nothing irks you more than inefficiency and waste. Your choice products are multifunctional, you steer clear of ingredients you can only use in certain circumstances

Your lab bench contains many ingredients, because you’re always prepared. You take in information about all of the latest and greatest, and you remember them all - your memory is one of your greatest tools.

Atop your bench sits the trio of polymers that can solve any problem - the ones that can’t be replaced and that can be your go-to reliable products. Whether it’s extreme pH or a high % of oil - your top 3 has you covered:

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