Beauty Trilogy: Beauty products for new consumer concerns!

August 21, 2020

Some consumers choose their beauty products for their efficiency and their innovative character. Others give more credit to the well-being and health benefits they provide, while some pay close attention to their environmental impact and look for eco-designed products.

No matter what type of consumer you are (or you’re targeting!) we have a formula for you!

Seppic has identified 3 main beauty trends and developed 6 new prototypes specifically answering each of these new consumer concerns.

Wellness Beauty: be healthy, be happy!


Consumers are increasingly health conscious, and take a more holistic approach to their own wellbeing: spending time with friends, family, respecting work-life balance, exercising, having a healthy diet,... [Mintel]

In beauty care, these health conscious consumers will look for safe and authentic products, and will take care of their body (including their microbiome!) and spirit as a whole.

Activate your 5 senses with Happy Skin (formula EU07605)


Happy Skin is a new well-aging experience addressing skin & mind through emotion, by activating the 5 senses:

  • SIGHT, a pinky cream with a pop referring to happiness, feelings and love.
    SEPIMAX ZEN™, together with LANOL P, efficiently stabilizes this overrun and airy foam texture.
  • SMELL, a nice fig perfume makes this sensorial texture bewitching
  • HEARING, airy foam crackles under the fingers during pick-up
  • TOUCH: the formula offers a soft and comfortable skin feel thanks to a combination of EMOGREEN™, MONTANOV™ 202 and SEPIMAX ZEN™.
    SEPIMAX ZEN™ in emulsion is perceived as an activator of positive emotions!
  • and TASTE...with the nutritive gummies developed with our nutrition grade of CERAMOSIDES™, for a global inside & out routine!

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A minimalist and genderless cream gel: Clean for all (formula US20129)


Formulated without silicones nor unwanted ingredients, minimalist and green (NOC: 97.6%), Clean for All uses all the Clean Cosmetic codes to meet aware consumers expectations.

  • An ecodesigned emulsifying polymer: SEPILIFE™ NUDE, giving an ultra light skin feel with quick-break effect and neutral aspect to the formula, ideal for genderless cream gel.
  • A bio-sourced non-polar oil, with a gliding sensation and a soft powdery after-fell: EMOGREEN™ L15
  • Sweet almond oil for nourishment
  • A plant extract to maintain the right microbiome balance with EQUIBIOME™

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Conscious Beauty


People are more and more aware of their impact on the planet and the living things, consuming less (or better!), recycling more,...
When it comes to beauty care, consumers want eco-designed products, made by companies committed to the environment with social added values.

Sustainable beauty starts with the downstream supply chain (raw material sourcing, manufacturing,...) to the downstream consumer behaviour (product use, product end of life,..).

Did you know that the ingredients you pick can actually make a difference at each step of the product life cycle? Here are some ideas!

An Eco-sourced and Eco-produced moisturizing lotion: WASTE LESS LOTION (Formula EU07604)


The ingredients of this Waste Less Lotion were consciously picked and manufactured: Cosmos approved, mass-balanced, by-products of the industry to limit waste like with SEPIFINE™ BB babassu nut powder. Valorization of their own by-products like the sludges of MONTANOV™ 202 that are used to produce energy through methanation.
The formula is obtained by energy efficient processes to reduce the carbon footprint.

Finally, this moisturizing lotion is multi-purposes: you can use it for face and body, and have only one big product instead of multiple ones, for less packaging and less waste. YONO! (You Only Need One!)

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Reduce water consumption and low footprint with ECO-LOW Shampoo (Formula EU07603)

Water availability is a main environmental issue.

Eco-Low Shampoo is a nourishing cleanser for dry hair with a superior rinsability, for less water consumption in the shower!

This Shampoo is formulated with less surfactants active matter content (8.5%), without silicones and is biodegradable at 99.7%. Leaving a small footprint on the planet!

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Augmented Beauty

Digital World

In a world full of innovations in science and technology, consumers are also looking for innovative beauty products with high efficacy and visible results, helping them in their modern lifestyles (digital life, modern stresses), and providing a new experience and beauty routine.

A multi-protective tinted emulsion with Insta Shield Foundation (Formula EU07610)


This lightweight O/W foundation with hydrophilic pigments provides a natural coverage, and a mattifying effect, for an Insta-Ready complexion!

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY forms a fluid emulsion while SOLAGUM™ AX & SEPIMAX ZEN™ stabilize this very low viscosity foundation with a high content of natural origin ingredients.

The skin is protected against modern stresses such as UV, IR, blue light and pollution with SAKADIKIUM™ butterfly ginger root extract, which also enhances the skin luminosity.

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A new bedtime ritual with Chronobio’ Sleeping Mask (Formula AS40142)


Circadian rhythm, woman cycles, seasons… These natural cycles influence skin renewal mechanisms and skin condition. They can be taken into consideration to enhance beauty products efficacy, when applied at the right time.

Chronobio’ Sleeping Mask is a fluid emulsion meant to be massaged on the face at night to increase blood flow, boosting the formula's efficacy in a new bedtime ritual.

Its 3 active ingredients provide well-aging (ASPAR’AGE™), skin radiance (TALADVANCE™), and cutaneous oxygenation (SEPITONIC™ M3.0).

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If you would like to receive a sample, a prototype or request more infos, ask us in the chat!