A new must-have in our skin care routine

September 16, 2020

For the past months, hand sanitizers have invaded our lives... whether in our personal life or in our professional life (formulators, I see you!). At first sold out due to the demand, now we find them everywhere and in all forms: stations, pumps, sprays, wipes,...
If you look up from your screen, you will certainly have one in eyesight!

The hand sanitizers (mostly alcohol-based) are now becoming a basic necessity in our skin care routine, and have joined (or even replaced!) our beauty products in our bags. The thing will surely last…. and unfortunately, due to their high content in alcohol, we experience skin dryness as a side effect.

In order to offer daily protection in a single step, not only against germs but also against skin dryness, we came up with a new skin care routine basic: the Next Gen Hydroalcoholic gel! (formula US20139 (opens new window)).

This daily hand protector has:

  • A high ethanol content to fight the germs
  • A high oil content, providing an incredible comfort sensation during application and limiting skin dehydration.
  • A clear aspect for an elegant and classic look
  • A gel texture, that doesn’t run off your hands and leaves a rich velvety skin feel


Phase Ingredient %
A Water Up to 100%
Glycerin 3.00%
Ethyl Alcohol (99.5%) 68.00%

Key ingredients:

SEPIMAX ZEN™ thickens this hydroalcoholic gel and keeps it clear.

Learn more about this do-it-all (and without stress!) in our SEPIMAX ZEN™ spotlight article (opens new window).

INCI: Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6

DUB ZENOAT ester, to fight against skin dryness This 100% plant-derived emollient brings comfort and quickly absorbs onto the skin with a soft, dry and non sticky after feel. The hydroalcoholic gel remains clear even with 10% DUB ZENOAT ester! INCI: Propanediol dicaprylate

With this new must-have gel, clean and moisturize your hands in a single step!

Interested in developing your own Next Gen gel with our ingredients? Ask us information directly in the chat!

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