DUB ESTOLINE®: Comforting and Protecting Polymer Ester

January 15, 2020

Modern stress has been proven to impact our skin. With an increasing percentage of the population claiming to have sensitive skin, the needs of these skin types are driving the market. Sensitive skin types require healing formulations, skin barrier strengthening, and protective, cocooning textures. To answer these needs, Stearinerie Dubois has recently unveiled DUB ESTOLINE®, a new multifunctional polymer ester which creates a mesh-like layer for protection and hydration.

Start Meshing Around! Meet DUB ESTOLINE® (opens new window)

DUB ESTOLINE® will be your new go-to emollient. A highly structured liquid polymer ester with a surprising honey-like yet non-sticky texture, DUB ESTOLINE® provides a smoothing effect with a satiny finish, and cushion without an oily sensation. Its structure allows a mesh matrix to form, promoting extreme comfort for sensitive skin and ultimate protection for urban living. Stearinerie Dubois’ newest solution is inspired by nature, derived from castor oil.

DUB ESTOLINE® (opens new window): The Application Explanation

DUB ESTOLINE® can be used for all kinds of applications - it’s been tested in skin care, hair care, and makeup formulations. Hydration and emollience are top requirements, making DUB ESTOLINE® your essential new partner in the lab.

In skin care formulations, DUB ESTOLINE® coats the skin for a protective, anti-pollution film-forming, or “second skin,” effect. It promotes hydration and provides a rich texture with a sensation of mild, gentle comfort. Use 1 to 10%, and feel your formulation transform.

In makeup, DUB ESTOLINE® is an excellent pigment dispersant, providing more intense color. It promotes cohesion of fillers, waxes, and oils due to the mesh matrix induced by its structure and helps to increase water resistance. DUB ESTOLINE® is especially interesting for lip formulations, to provide cushion, hydration, and a non-sticky satiny effect, and for complexion formulations, providing water resistance and a protective film-forming mesh. It can be used in all kinds of makeup formulations, from 1-80%.

Use in hair care too! Add DUB ESTOLINE® at 0.5 to 1% for a smooth coating action with no buildup. Also helps maintain foam in cleansing products.

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