Our smart and natural thickeners SOLAGUM™

November 11, 2020

Consumers are actively looking for natural, non-toxic products, with total traceability but at the same time are not willing to compromise on the efficiency, stability or even the texture of the products!
That’s why we came up with these two natural thickeners below, that not only are performant (thicken,stabilize formulas, emulsify oils, resist electrolytes and other stressful conditions,...) but also improve the texture and skin feel of natural personal care products, for an enhanced consumer experience.

SOLAGUM™ AX: the benefits of xanthan gun without the inconvenience!

INCI: Acacia Senegal Gum & Xanthan Gum
100% natural origin content (ISO 16128), readily biodegradable, Cosmos and Ecocert approved, China compliant.

A xanthan gum coated with acacia gum

SOLAGUM™ AX is obtained from a unique and innovative manufacturing process in which the Acacia gum coats the Xanthan gum, in an optimized ratio.

The xanthan gum, very popular in natural formulations, is a natural polysaccharide produced by a bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris.
The acacia gum is a natural ramified polysaccharides extracted from the sap of Senegalese Acacia tree, and sustainably sourced to produce SOLAGUM™ AX. It’s composed of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, giving it emulsifying properties.

Acacia Tree

Although very efficient to thicken and stabilize formulations, the xanthan gum alone can bring a clumpy look and some stringiness and tackiness when used in beauty products. That’s why we coated it with acacia gum in SOLAGUM™ AX: for both performance and benefits!

Augmented performances vs. xanthan gum for the formulator


  • In a powder form that dissolves faster than xanthan gum
  • Provides more stable viscosity over a wide pH range (3-12), and resisst electrolytes, AHAs, H2O2,...
  • Highly compatible with hydrophilic pigments, inorganic sunscreens,...
  • Better stabilizing effect and good particle suspension
  • Forms clear aqueous gels
    Ideal for fluid to medium viscosity products!

Discover our EU07556 formula (opens new window): A W/O Foundation stabilized with SOLAGUM™ AX

Improved sensoriality and benefits for the consumer

SOLAGUM™ AX creates textures with:

  • A non stringy pick-up
  • An easy spreading with no soaping effect and less tackiness
  • A surprising fresh and soft skin finish
  • A film forming effect, providing moisturization and protection against pollution

Discover the formula EU07502 (opens new window): A cream gel stabilized with SOLAGUM™ AX

SOLAGUM™ TARA: brings viscosity while improving and smoothing your natural textures!

INCI: Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum
100% bio-based, Cosmos and Ecocert approved, China compliant.

A non-ionic gum from the Peruvian Tara seeds

SOLAGUM™ TARA is extracted from the seeds of Tara spinosa, a small leguminous tree, thorny shrub, native to Peru.
It produces flat long pods containing the seeds rich in galactomannan polysaccharides (Tara Gum): made of mannose and galactose, similar to the main components found in guar and locust bean gums, but in a different ratio, for hybrid properties and a smoother and more natural flow! [1]

Tara Spinosa

High performances in the lab

  • Easy to use: quick hydration in hot or cold water
  • Significant thickening properties
  • Stabilizing effect, on a wide range of pH (3-12)
  • High resistance to electrolytes
  • Non-ionic, it’s compatible with solvents, anionic and cationic ingredients, surfactants, AHAs, sun filters, pigments,...
  • Synergistic behavior with SEPIMAX ZEN™ and SEPINOV™ EMT 10

Ideal for medium to thick viscosity products!

Discover the formula EU07609 (opens new window): A hair care formula with cationic conditioner stabilized with SOLAGUM™ TARA

Improved sensoriality and benefits for the consumer

  • Brings elegance to the texture, with a nice flow
  • Non-stringy, non-sticky texture
  • Very soft skin feel and comfort during application

Discover the formula US20102 (opens new window): A thick cream stabilized with SOLAGUM™ TARA

You can even combine both SOLAGUM™ AX & SOLAGUM™ TARA, like in the lotion EU07604 (opens new window)!

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[1] Gluten-Free Ingredients. In Gluten-Free Baked Products, 2014