Skin care routine inspirations for young generations…

October 28, 2020

Gen Y and Gen Z may have similar skin needs for moisturization, flawless complexion, aging prevention,... but they have totally different expectations!

Gen Y individuals (the famous “millennials”, born 1980-1994 ) want to have fun, enjoy life, party and share everything on social media. They want products providing emotions, happiness and making them look good on their next selfie!
Gen Z youngs (iGen, born 1995-2010), on the opposite, are concerned about world issues, economy, debts and always have had access to all information on the internet, making them looking for transparency, equality and purpose. They want efficient and eco-conscious skin care products.


Want to read more on all the generations? Read our dedicated article here (opens new window).

Let’s see how their perfect skin care routine looks!

A Powerful Mist

Because they both need a touch of magic to get ready for the day!

Perfect combination for a sprayable milk:
FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY (emulsifier) , SEPIMAX ZEN™ (stabilizer) and SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 (viscosity and freshness) together create a sprayable and stable emulsion with a soft skin-feel. Bonus: cold process formulation!

Waking up the millennials after a long night out.

With “Skin rehab” Detoxifying & energizing mist US20125 (opens new window) A very fine, milky sprayable mist detoxifying and waking up millennials’ skin after a long night out.

Protects the anxious Gen Z against daily stresses.

With our Daily Shield Face Mist US20128 (opens new window).
A milky liquid mist, that leaves a velvety and matte film on the skin, protecting anxious Gen Z against pollution, blue light, UV, IR,...


A moisturizing serum

A light texture for an immediate skin glow featuring TALADVANCE™ Centella asiatica leaf extract, to catch the light and be selfie-ready!

Surprise and detoxify the millennials’ skin.

With Beauty Secret for Insta lovers EU07607 (opens new window).
An O/W moisturizing serum that breaks upon application, to add a surprise factor for the millenials, thanks to MONTANOV™ L and SEPIMAX ZEN™.
SEPITONIC™ M3.0, our mineral complex,re-oxygenates and detoxifies the Millennial’s Skin.


Mattifies and provides well aging to the holistic Gen Z.

With the Insta-aging Fluid Serum EU07535B (opens new window).
This cream-gel texture is thickened & stabilized by SEPINOV™ WEO, an EO free polymer. Gen Z skin is moisturized with AQUAXYL™, mattified with SEPIFINE™ BB natural powder, and ASPAR’AGE™ algae extract protects against contagious aging for a well aging concept, valued by Gen Z!


A gentle cleanser

One common need: gently remove the dirt of the day!

A time for relaxation and comfort for the millennials.

Melt your makeup US20086 (opens new window).
This transforming cleansing balm will delight the millennials by providing them a change in their routine, with a time for relaxation and comfort while melting the dirt and makeup away.


A gentle and eco-conscious way to wipe away the Gen Zs day’s stress.

Soft micellar milky water EU07601 (opens new window).

Gentle for the skin, this micellar milky water is ~98,82% natural (ISO 16128) and ~99,47% biodegradable** for our Eco-conscious Gen Z. It helps them manage their skin’s stress after UV exposure and prevents aging overtime with Antileukine 6.


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