Dreaming of Cali?

November 15, 2021

What is the best part of a sunny, warm vacation?

Whether your answer is the sunkissed skin from the sun, the soft smooth skin after a day of exfoliation from the sand, or even the refreshing splash of the waves that create textured, beachy hair - there is a way to experience it all!

Recently, traveling has not become the most easy task, and up until very recently, there have even been restrictions that didn’t allow people to be able to travel. Well, what if I told you can look and feel like you just returned from a sun-filled beach vacation without leaving your home?

Introducing: Seppic’s California Dreamin’ Beauty Kit


Missing the effect of the cool salt water on your skin and hair? Here are 2 prototypes that brings the ocean blue to your home:


US20157 (opens new window) Back from the Beach Texturizing Spray

No ocean? No problem! Texturize your hair with beachy waves any time of the year - but this time with a little more Sparkle!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A translucent, sprayable water-based serum with suspended shimmers - concentrated in sea salt and minerals for loose beachy waves.


  • Smoothing cuticles
  • Texturizing effect
  • Hair shine


US20048A (opens new window) Ocean Gel Mask

Replicate the splash of the ocean with a refreshing wave of hydration and comfort!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A bright blue cream gel that’s fresh on the skin and brings all the benefits of the sea with marine ingredients - hydration, radiance and rejuvenation.


  • Deep skin moisturization
  • Skin radiance
  • Fresh and satin skin feel


But what’s the best part of a beach filled vacation - the sun ☀️ of course! The California Dreamin’ kit has 3 prototypes to give you that sun-kissed glow:


US20163 (opens new window) Drop of Sunshine Body Oil

Experience that“post-vacay” glow without leaving the comfort of your home with this body oil created with Seppic’s newest, melanin-boosting active, Lumipod™.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A clear, colorless soft oil with gold shimmering sparkles. Shake and apply to the skin to illuminate, soften and bring a natural, sun-kissed glow overtime.


  • Skin radiance
  • Natural tan boost
  • Skin suppleness


US20164 (opens new window) Kissed by the Sun CC Cream

Like I said - we all look our best after a nice, warm vacation - replicate the look of relaxation and sun-kissed skin with this CC cream!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A color correcting, tinted emulsion that instantly provides light coverage and an even complexion while stimulating the natural tan, reducing redness and firming the skin.


  • Natural luminous tan
  • Firming
  • Moisturizing


US20155 (opens new window) Cali’s Summer Secret Daily Mineral Sunscreen

Bring the protection from the California beaches to your daily life with a reef-safe SPF to protect your skin from UV exposure and premature aging!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A smooth and reef-safe sunscreen with 25% Zinc Oxide that spreads easily on the skin, perfect for any daily skin care routine.


  • 25% Zinc Oxide sunscreen
  • Anti-photoaging
  • Moisturizing


Dont worry - we didn’t forget about soft, exfoliated skin that comes from the sand. Seppic saved the best prototype for last to recreate the supple skin after a long day at the beach!


US20165 (opens new window) Walk on the Beach Solid Body Scrub

Imitate the natural exfoliation from a sandy beach vacation with this solid, smooth body scrub!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A solid anhydrous scrub that melts on the skin to provide good exfoliation, easy rinse-off and soft, supple skin!


  • Physical exfoliation
  • Nourishing
  • Softening effect