Find your perfect silicone replacement with Seppic

October 26, 2021

Silicone oils are unique emollients that provide excellent spreading and outstanding sensory benefits in skincare and haircare formulations; however, their synthetic origin, lack of biodegradability, and volatility can sometimes cause formulators to look for alternatives - and...

Seppic Inc sources the best silicone replacements from Europe and distributes them to you in the United States!

Dry Skin

From dry to comforting, for any budget, pick the perfect alternative for you!

Non polar alkanes for a dry skin feel - without the volatility:

EMOSMART™ range: biodegradable alkanes with a wide range of skin feel

From evanescent feel with EMOSMART™ L15 & EMOSMART™ L19, gliding with EMOSMART™ V21 to glossy and long lasting with EMOSMART™ C28.

Emogreen and Emosmart

EMOGREEN™ range: green alkanes for a fresh and dry effect!

INCI: C15-19 Alkane* (Plant-based and renewable)
Clean status: Unique High Purity Alkanes, Vegetable Origin (100% natural origin content
), Non GMO and Readily biodegradable
(*according to ISO 16128)
Formulator benefits: Inert and non-polar Oils, stable, non sensitive to oxidation.
Skin feel: Unique first refreshing and gliding sensation with a soft afterfeel.
Skin benefits:
Instant matte effect with EMOGREEN™ L15
Restructure very dry skin and preservation boost with EMOGREEN™ L19
Hair Benefits with EMOGREEN™ L19:
Shiny hair and easy combing
Fiber strength, heat protection, volume & frizz control

Light esters for the best replacements

DUB DNPG: ester for sensorial experience

INCI: Neopentyl glycol diheptanoate
Clean status: NOI=0.69
Skin feel: Sensory profile very similar to Cyclomethicones
Evanescent feel, light with good slip
Reduces the greasy skin feel, imparts a dry satiny feel
Formulator benefits: Improves textures’ spreadability
Very good sunscreen and fragrances solubilizer
Prevents sunscreen from recrystallizing

DUB OE HP: green ester for extreme spreadability

INCI: Ethyl oleate
Clean status: Readily biodegradable, Cosmos approved, NOI=1
Skin feel: Very high spreadability, ultra light touch (a sensorial alternative to D5) Skin Benefits: Hydration booster (In vivo test)
Formulator benefits: High compatibility: vegetable oils, liquid paraffin, silicones, esters, ethanol,...

DUB VCI10: light and dry ester

INCI: Isodecyl neopentanoate
Skin feel: Alternative to Dimethicone 10 cst: Light, dry, ultra velvety finish
Short branched chain gives an exceptional spreading
Can pass for a volatile silicone - you won’t be able to feel the difference!

Softness and comfort with natural active emollients

Biophytosebum: natural, soft and shiny emollient, sourced from olive

INCI: olive oil decyl esters (and) squalene
Clean status: NOI=1 , Cosmos Approved
Skin feel: easy spreading, non greasy, skin comfort with a cushion effect Formulator benefits: sensoriality between cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone: same spread and softness as cyclopentasiloxane, shinier than dimethicone but non sticky. Skin benefits: restores lipidic skin barrier, skin suppleness and highly moisturizing

Technical solution for solubilizing

DUB ZENOAT®: green solubilizer for sunscreens

INCI: Propanediol Dicaprylate
Clean status: Cosmos approved, NOI=1
Skin feel: High spreadability ester, smooth and velvety feel
Formulator benefits: Sunscreen solubilizing effect. Combine with other emollients for a synergistic solubilizing effect.
→ Perfect for sun care, skin care and makeup applications!

Looking for other alternatives?

To replace IPM, Isohexadecane, Light paraffin oil, Petrolatum, Beeswax,... Chat us!