Periodic skincare: the ingredients you need each week based on how you feel!

February 24, 2021

During the periodic cycle, three hormones fluctuate creating different skin appearances and sensitivities (and emotions too!). Learn how to counteract these fluctuations to ensure glowing, youthful skin all month long!

Periodic Skincare chart

There are three main female hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Estrogen plays a major role in youthful, moisturized skin, while skin becomes more oily when progesterone peaks. Testosterone has a direct influence on sebaceous glands which cause a higher production of sebum leading to acne or hormonal breakouts.

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Week One: Sensitivity

During the first week of the periodic cycle, estrogen and progesterone are low, causing the skin to appear dull and become sensitive to different textures. Ingredients like SEPICALM™ S WP are great for sensitive skin as it soothes and makes it less reactive.

Textures to use in Week One

Radiant Daily Defense

US20140 (opens new window) Radiant Daily Defense
This light cream leaves skin glowing with radiance and leaves a light, powdery feel to make up for the low estrogen and progesterone.

Skin Hero Cream

US20092B (opens new window) Skin Hero Cream
This moisturizing and protective cream helps prevent friction to keep skin irritation at a minimum during this week of sensitivity.

Glowing Skin in Sun

Week Two: Glow

After a week of dry sensitive skin, Week Two offers the absolute best! During this week of the periodic cycle, estrogen and progesterone are at a high, giving you soft, youthful, glowing skin! This is the time to go out and display the skin while it is at its best. Look for ingredients with Centella asiatica extract TALADVANCE™ to increase that natural skin glow!

Textures to use in Week Two

Illuminating Eye Shadow

LA60038 (opens new window) Fresh Illuminating Eye Shadow
Draw attention to your skin’s perfect complexion this week with this very soft and shimmery eyeshadow! Perfect to illuminate your eyes with a velvety texture.

Insta Lovers

EU07607 (opens new window) Beauty Secret for Insta Lovers
Your skin is at its very best, don’t cover it up! This light mist turns into a liquid upon application to provide radiance and boosts oxygenation, perfect for any day out on the town.

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Week Three: Oily skin

The third week of the period cycle is where things get a little more frustrating! Testosterone and progesterone increase as estrogen drops, creating shiny, oily skin. To counteract the excess sebum, look for ingredients such as sugar seaweed extract PHLOROGINE™ BG PF to help control the shine!

Textures to use in Week Three

Porcelain Liquid Cream

US20142 (opens new window) Porcelain Liquid Cream
With three perfecting active ingredients: SUBLIGANA™, PHLOROGINE™ BG PF, and CERAMOSIDES™ HP, this formula spreads like a liquid and settles like a cream to fight blackheads, whiteheads and minimize pore openings.

Glass Skin Gel

US20087A (opens new window) Glass Skin Gel
Keep the skin moisturized without adding extra shine! This gel provides intense moisturization without the oil to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

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Week Four: Skin irritation

Winding down to Week Four, the skin is about to restart the cycle, but not before getting dry, sensitive and more irritable (maybe even more than just your skin at this point!) Here, estrogen and progesterone drop, causing skin to become more prone to imperfections. Avoid imperfections with ingredients like TECA™, which repairs the skin to keep it soft and healthy.

Textures to use in Week Four

Hug Me Cream

US20124 (opens new window) Hug Me Cream
During a week of dry, sensitive skin, wrap your body in this thick and creamy texture. With a cocooning effect, this cream repairs the skin barrier to keep the skin looking youthful and moisturized.

Intense Repairing Balm

US20081B (opens new window) Intense Repairing Balm
Protect and repair the skin with a smooth and non-tacky layer. This cream provides intense nourishment to prevent any imperfections during this final week!

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