A Touch of Emotions

February 8, 2021

Need a pick-me-up? Your skincare routine can help!

When you think about your five senses what's the most important one that comes to mind? Sight? Taste? Oftentimes, we take for granted how impactful our sense of touch is! Studies have shown how the touch of a mother significantly helps their newborn develop. Now amidst a pandemic, we see trending skincare plays a role in reengages our sense of touch.

Mind-Body connection

Have you ever wondered why our emotions are called “feelings”? It’s because of the direct mind-body connection between our sense of touch and emotion.

From the pain you get stubbing your toe on a piece of furniture to the comfort you get when someone gives you a hug - our sense of touch helps us to understand our world around us and feel alive.

Woman Leaning

Scientific Background

To understand the mind-body connection between emotions and sense of touch, we first need to understand the science behind it. It, of course, all starts in our skin. Here, touch receptors detect a stimuli, which is sent as a signal through the nervous system to the brain. The brain ten processes the information and creates an emotional response (and if needed, sends a signal back to the body). This is how all of our senses are connected to our minds.

Senses and emotions in beauty care

Sure, we want our beauty products to be effective and smell nice, but we also take into consideration how skincare products make us feel. According to one survey made by Cosmetic Business [1], “96.2% of consumers say that using products from Beauty makes them feel good and improves self-esteem.”

Here (opens new window) is a detailed account of our own study that shows the emotional link between consumers and our polymers and emollients.

Emotions and polymers

Rheology modifiers are used to give the product the right viscosity, right aspect with the best sensory.

For a surprising effect: SEPIMAX ZEN™ was considered as as an innovative texture by more than 60% of consumers. It gives substantial presence and richness during application and offers a velvet finish.

For a pleasing effect: SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 and SEPINOV™ EMT 10 created an unexpected fluidification during application with a soft and fresh effect for 80 to 100% satisfaction.

A voice analysis (Prosody) on 30 consumers confirmed these polymers give the most pleasure, with: a high intensity in their vocal sounds: showing important emotions (measured with vocal signal amplitude in dB) and a high valance: showing the pleasure (voice’s musicality measured with fundamental frequency in Hz)

SEPIMAX ZEN™ surprising effect noticed during sensory test was confirmed with the voice analysis, showing a high intensity linked to emotions created by the surprise.

Skin care texture promotes positive emotions that can be quantified through satisfaction, enjoyability, and surprise! All these positive reactions around the application of the cosmetic formulations are great buying factors.

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Emotions and emollients

Fragrances often create nostalgia among consumers because it reminds us of special memories. Like fragrances, with top notes, middles notes and base notes, the EMOGREEN™ and EMOSMART™ emollients provide a cascade of skin feel for a beautiful and well balanced product (the perfect accord!).

Emosmart and Emogreen

EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ ranges were also tested to measure the emotions induced among consumers, and showed that they were appreciated as much as oils that have been used for decades by the cosmetic industry for their sensorial properties, especially the Dimethicone (350cps). They are also easy to spread, a criteria that contributes the most to tactile appreciation.

Most preferred in the range: EMOGREEN™ L19 in both cream gels and emulsions (good because we also proven it helps moisturizing the skin! Read more here

Voice analysis showed they provide high intensity and high valance, for high emotion and high pleasure.

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Phytoceramides to boost self-esteem and well-being

Did you know there are products in the market that actually enhance our self esteem? More specifically, the ingredient CERAMOSIDES™ HP acts as a complexion corrector, created with a high concentration of omega fatty acids. This high concentration is linked to the reinforcement of positive emotions, in addition to the high performance on complexions! Feel more beautiful, confident, and empowered because at the end of the day, all that matters is how your skincare makes you feel!

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