The Protection We Now Need: Blue Light Protection

April 22, 2021

While the current world situation isn’t ideal, we have to admit that it has changed the world forever. Companies and employees alike learned that we could effectively work from home (sometimes!!) and with all that time spent at home, more time was spent in front of virtual meetings, conferences, and zoom calls and online classes. Even our usage of phones, using them to pass the time, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter giving us a sense of “virtual travel” during these crazy times!

And while all of these changes were related to the pandemic, they all have one huge thing in common that generally goes unnoticed: blue light exposure. Blue light is the section of the light spectrum that (yes, it is the section that is blue) but MORE importantly it is the section that triggers free form radicals on the skin, damages DNA tissue, and overall progressively increases our cells’ aging process.

Blue Light Spectrum

This means looser skin because of less elastin and collagen, inflammation and hyperpigmentation (basically everything we don’t want).

Fortunately, there is an ingredient that protects your skin from blue light and more: Introducing Sakadikium™

Sakadikium flower

So first, a little bit of background. Sakadikium™ is the active ingredient from the rhizomes of the “butterfly ginger” plant. This plant is found in Madagascar and is locally known as Sakarivodambo (where the first half of the ingredient’s name comes from!) More specifically, it is a combination of Glycerin - Aqua / Water - Hedychium coronarium root extract (ah, that’s where the other half of the name comes from!)

The specific composition of Sakadikium is what revealed its powerful multiprotecting capabilities! I already mentioned the protection against blue light (which we are now all educated on 😃 ) but it goes even further and helps protect our skin from UV, infrared, heat and pollution.

Blue light glasses are made to protect our eyes, so be sure to include Sakadikium™ in your next formulation to do the same for your skin!

Brightening Serum EU07498 (opens new window) A transparent liquid serum that protects the skin from daily aggressions wiht a nude skin feel!

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