The Next Generation of Sensory Powders

April 27, 2021

We are in a time of sustainability and ethics, and businesses are expected to take the same interest and actions to position themselves as a more sustainable and environmentally conscious company. That’s where SEPIFINE™ BB is so fascinating.

SEPIFINE™ BB is a 100% biosourced texturizing agent that’s an ethical alternative to synthetic texturizing powders, while still ensuring high sensory and a matte finish in every skin care and makeup application.



But what do I mean by it being “ethical”?

I mean that SEPIFINE™ BB is a by-product of babassu oil harvesting, where the inner membrane (the flesh of the nut) is dried up and ground to create a powder.

Babassu Nut

Being that Babassu nuts are collected in the Brazilian area of Matas dos Cocais according to Origens Brasil® (opens new window) program, a program created to provide transparency and traceability in supply chain, SEPIFINE™ BB is a simple manufacturing process with a low environmental impact.

Sepifine BB Powder


As I explained prior, SEPIFINE™ BB is a fine and ultra light powder that brings high oil absorption and a pleasant mattifying effect. It brings a softs, gliding velvet touch for a wide variety of formulations. SEPIFINE™ BB is even versatile enough to be incorporated into all types of applications including makeup, skincare, and sunscreens.

In a world where we strive to conserve the natural resources and the beauty of the natural world, what’s a better way to take part than using this 100% natural, readily biodegradable, and ethically produced texturizing powder?

Interesting formulas:


US20121 (opens new window)

Reduces the tackiness of organic filters in this SPF formula


US20148 (opens new window)

A natural butter with a soft after skin feel


EU07610 (opens new window)

Liquid foundation with soft, velvety and matte skin finish, perfect to be insta-ready!

Ask for a sample to feel the softness for yourself!