Taking the Industry by Storm: Glass Skin

October 20, 2022

Have you heard about the glass skin trend taking over social media? Well we have - and Seppic has the ingredients to help you develop skincare products that give your consumers that dewy, super hydrated, glass skin look!

The term “glass skin” refers to a glassy, hydrated look with an extremely even, flawless complexion. This is often achieved after applying serums and moisturizers that leave a glossy look on the face - and while this look might be temporary as the products are absorbed into the skin, there are ways to make the skin glow with radiance and hydration through ingredients!

Let’s break it down

Glass skin doesn’t just happen naturally for everyone. Our skin is all different and has its own unique needs - that's where ingredients come in! Seppic has ingredients for all types of skin needs to help achieve that glassy, moisturized skin.

For an even complexion


CERAMOSIDES™ HP (opens new window)

Ceramosides™ HP not only helps to moisturize the skin and protect the skin’s elasticity, but it helps to tighten the pores and to visibly refine the skin texture. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 Ceramosides™ HP:

  • Increases the protection of elastic fibers by +47%
  • Decreases rugosity of the skin by -73%


SUBLIGANA™ (opens new window)

Subligana™ is a dermopurifying active for blemishes and acne-prone skin - how perfect, right?? A titrated extract of the Harungana madagascariensis plant it:

  • Offers visible blackhead reduction and improved skin texture
  • Combines soothing, antioxidant effects
  • Helps to rebalance the skin as an original efficacy against C. acnes

To truly achieve that Glass Skin look, the skin has to not only have an even complexion, but to be deeply nourished and hydrated for that dewy glow!

For dry skin that needs an extra boost

Emogreen L19

EMOGREEN™ L19 (opens new window)

Emogreen™ L19 is an easy to formulate, readily biodegradable alternative to silicone oils. A hero ingredient for very dry skin that:

  • Balances the skin microbiota with a reconstituted hydrolipidic film – the first two to improving skin hydration!
  • Significantly restructures the skin in synergy with bisabolol
  • Improves very dry skin moisturization, softness and smoothness - perfect for glass skin!


AQUAXYL™ (opens new window)

Aquaxyl™ is a patented combination that acts on the key components of hydration. An “anti-dehydration shield” Aquaxyl™:

  • Reinforces the synthesis of the essential lipids and proteins in the skin
  • Strengthens the acts of glycerin
  • Restructures and strengthens the stratum corneum

Montanov 202

MONTANOV™ 202 (opens new window)

Montanov™ 202 as a promoter of liquid crystals - which biomimics the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane - helps to stabilize emulsions while providing a restructuring and moisturizing effect. A bio-inspired O/W emulsifier that:

  • Emulsifies all types of oils
  • Offers long lasting moisturization 5 hours after application
  • Reduces transepidermal water loss (T.E.W.L.)

Inspirational Prototypes

US20131A Photo

US20131A Boosting Water Cream

A bright and smooth water cream to provide a boost of moisture that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

Developed with MONTANOV™ 202, AQUAXYL™, EMOGREEN™ L19 and CERAMOSIDES™ HP to introduce hydration to the skin, restore the skin barrier, and refine skin texture.

See the whole formula here (opens new window)

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