Micellar products: Gentle yet effective!

May 30, 2022

Micellar products are gentle cleansers based on the cleansing power of micelles, which remove makeup and impurities in one step, without the need to rinse.
These micelles, microscopic spheres, are made with mild surfactants at a minimal concentration, just enough to efficiently capture impurities, while respecting the skin barrier.

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Originally offered in clear micellar waters, this multitasking cleanser is now diversifying and comes in multiple formats. Let’s review your options for your next formulation!

The Classic: Clear micellar water

Micellar waters were the first micellar products introduced.
Clear & water-thin formulations, they are made with water, gentle surfactants, humectants like glycerin and active ingredients, for skin comfort, moisturization or other added benefits.

They are light, fresh on the skin, and leave it moisturized yet not greasy.

They are generally packaged in bottles, to be shaken to mix the phases, and applied with a cotton pad.

Formula inspiration:

EU07251 - Purifying Micellar Lotion

This clear micellar water cleanses the skin thanks to PROTEOL™ APL EF & ORAMIX™ CG110, and purifies acne-prone skin thanks to LIPACIDE™ C8G.

EU07495 - Evening Minimalist Makeup Remover

This clear micellar water foams in the self-foaming pump, cleanses with PROTEOL™ APL EF, and respects the skin microbiome for less redness thanks to EQUIBIOME™.


The powerful: Bi-phase Micellar Water

Bi-phase or Tri-phase micellar waters combine the efficiency of the surfactants in the water phase, associated with the dispersing properties of the oily phase(s), bringing also the comfort of the emollients.

They usually come in bottles, to shake in order to mix the phases, and applied on a cotton pad.

Formula inspiration:


This tri-phase, formulated without silicones, demonstrates the ability of FLUIDANOV™ 20X to give a clear separation of the phases, while EMOGREEN™ L15 helps remove makeup and leaves a light silicon-like feel.


The Versatile: Micellar Gel

Micellar gel are thicker alternatives to micellar waters.
Easier to control, they can be used on a cotton pad and don’t absorb as much as micellar water, making the bottle to last longer.
Due to their consistency, they can also be applied with the fingers, and rinsed-off with water, without the need for a cotton pad.
It’s a more eco-friendly and versatile solution, more easily rinsing compared to cleansing oils and balms available on the market.

Formula inspiration:


This onctuous thick gel contains PROTEOL™ APL EF gentle surfactant, and is thickened with SOLAGUM™ TARA and SEPIMAX ZEN™. The scrubbing particles add an extra scrubbing effect, for a deep cleanse!


The Soft one: Micellar Cleansing Milk

Micellar Cleansing Milks provide extra care for the skin.
Emulsions, or cream gels, they contain an emulsified oily phase. The makeup removing effect is provided by the cleansing surfactants, the emollients, as well at the emulsifier, like FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY.

Formula inspiration:


This pearlescent milky water is formed with SIMULGEL™ NS polymer, stabilizing the oily phase and providing a fresh effect, but soft skin feel.



This sprayable emulsion, designed for “on-the-go” cleansing, is emulsified with Fluidifeel™ Easy, providing the makeup removal effect in this gentle formula.
The oil phase made of EMOGREEN™ provides an enhanced makeup removing effect while the Organic Sweet Almond Oil from SOPHIM** nourishes the skin.


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