Free Your Creativity with Seppic!

April 26, 2022

Free your creativity with SEPPIC at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day: Booth 539!

Seppic is happy to be exhibiting again at NYSCC Supplier’s Day in New York in 2022. Meet us at booth 539 and discover the news…


EMOGREEN™ HP 40 (opens new window) is a new bio-sourced emollient, alternative to heavy silicones providing comfort and film forming effect. Ideal for hair care applications, it provides heat protection, anti-frizz & curl definition.
INCI (submitted): C15-19 Alkane* & Hydrogenated Polyfarnesene*
*(Plant-based & Renewable)

DUB G-SMART*: A multifunctional natural ester with solubilizing properties and unique silicon-like skin feel. It presents multiple benefits for the formulator: anti-soaping, makeup removal,... With Sepiclear™ G7, it’s the perfect combination for green solubilization!
INCI: Glyceryl Caprylate / Caprate

NEW KITS: Cosmetic Mixology & Sun care formulation

Cosmetic Mixology Kit: Come be a mixologist with our robust bases to which you’ll add the stressful active of your choice! This kit meets consumer demand for customization and addresses the “Blend it yourself” trend. Which stressful active will you add to our strong bases?!

Mixology Chart

P.U.R.E. kit: a unique inspiring routine to Purify, Uniformize, Rebalance and Exfoliate skin from head to toes! Discover the power of our dermopurifying range of active ingredients in application.

Sun Care formulations: a kit of suncare formulation with organic or inorganic sunscreens, to help you stabilize, disperse, solubilize these sunscreens, while ensuring a nice skin feel, and protecting the skin against harmful effects of the sun!


HYDRACHRYSUM™ (opens new window): an innovation in hydration with this Everlasting flower plant cells extract, with unique molecular richness. +47% skin moisturization after 21 days!

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY (opens new window) and SEPINOV™ EMT 10 (opens new window): come discover the performances and the versatility of Seppic functional ingredients to formulate gels, cream gels or emulsions, from sprayable to thick, lightweight to rich,....

PHYTOSQUALAN** (opens new window): a vegetable squalane from renewable olive oil. It restores the skin’s lipid barrier, providing moisturization, suppleness, firmness,...


This year, we wanted to make the experience for our customers even more immersive by showcasing live formulation demonstrations from our technical team. Come discover our wall of textures, to be inspired for your future creations!

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Schedule of the live formulation demos

Day 1, Tuesday 3rd:

10:00am: Cream Gel

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2:00pm: Fluid emulsion

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Day 2, Wednesday 4th:

10:00am Cream Gel

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2:00pm Fluid emulsion

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See you in New York!

Can’t attend? Let us know if you would like to receive information on the chat…

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