Seppic launches Sepilife™ G305, a hybrid polymer with high naturality, heir to Sepigel 305™!

May 18, 2023


With the launch of Sepilife™ G305, a more natural version of its iconic polymer, Sepigel 305™, Seppic continues to innovate creating eco-designed products that are ever more respectful of the planet.

Inspired by this strong expertise, Sepilife™ G305 retains a polymeric structure identical to that of Sepigel 305™. It offers a very similar performance and sensoriality to its original version and differs in its composition by the use of ingredients of 100% natural origin (oil and inverter), thus reaching a naturality of 62.5% (according to the ISO 16128 standard).

Worthy heir of the "305 revolutions", Sepilife™ G305 is EO-free, without mineral oil, non-microplastic*, and inherently biodegradable. By combining science and naturality, this new hybrid polymer meets consumer expectations and the "Conscious Beauty" trend.

The Conscious Beauty Movement

The Conscious Beauty Movement

Key Properties:

Thickening capability Emulsifying-stabilizing performance Sprayability Sensory profile Rheological profile Compatibility with preservatives or alternatives Compatibility with solvents Cream gels for energy & time saving

SEPILIFE™ G305 Prototypes:

EU07737 - My Daily Restorative Serum

An effective anti-aging formula that restores softness and youth to your face with this serum your face will be moisturized and rejuvenated!


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EU07738 - My Daily Hand Cream Rescuer

A combo of ingredients for moisturized, soft and soothed hands. The hand cream to use at any time of the day for a protected skin!


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LA60078 - My Hips Don’t Lie

A comfortable and soft body cream with a medium playtime to quickly put your clothes on. Let the rhythm take you to the dancefloor !


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Sepilife™ G305 comes to complete our hybrid polymer offering enabling formulators to innovate sustainably without compromising on efficacy and sensoriality. It is a result of conscious innovation which is at the heart of the Seppic vision.

Want to receive a sample of SEPILIFE G305 or any of our prototypes? Request them in the chat!