NEW Haircare Inspiration: "Root-to-Tip" Concept!

May 31, 2023

"Root-to-Tip" Concept

Take care of your hair at the 3 hair levels: scalp, mid-length, and tips. Each of these parts will need different products and care since they have different levels of wear and tear, and each its own needs.

US20203 "Root-to-Tip" Ultimate Shampoo


US20203 "Root-to-Tip" Ultimate Shampoo (opens new window)

A nourishing shampoo that will work on the three levels of the hair: scalp, mid-length, and tips for an ultimate shower experience. We are taking haircare to the next level with our key ingredients: XYLISHINE™, BIOENERGIZER™ P BG PF, FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY, SEA SATIN™, SEPIMAX ZEN™, and PROTEOL™ OAT PF; that promote deep hydration, act as a shine booster, and offers protection against outside damaging agents for a luscious, flawless, and healthy hair from root-to-tip!

For a complementary hair care routine with leave-on products:

1. Scalp and Hair Root


US20150 Balancing Scalp Serum (opens new window)

A multi-tasking solution removing build-up off the scalp to purify, energize, and moisturize.

Moisturize your scalp regularly, not just when it feels dry. Exfoliate the scalp periodically and perform massages according to your scalp and hair needs. You can also use scalp oils, as they can moisturize and be an additional source of nutrients for the scalp and follicles. The follicle is the only living part of the hair that, thanks to nutrients, can improve the hair's health from the inside.

2. Mid-Length


US20159 Lock it in! Moisturizing Hair Butter (opens new window)

A rich, creamy butter-like texture to easily comb and deeply nourish the hair. Lock the moisture in!

It is the longest part of the hair, the most prone to damage, and the most important in hair aesthetics. The key is to keep the hair balanced and protected from outside damaging agents. Choose a hair moisturizer that protects the hair and creates a strong barrier that will act as a shield from heat, UV rays, pollution, and other factors that can contribute to hair damage.

3. Hair Tips


US20154 Do-it-all Miracle Hair Oil (opens new window)

A multi-purpose soft, nourishing oil that can be used as a hair and scalp mask, a part of a pre-shampoo routine, or mixed with water in a spray bottle to hydrate and refresh curls in between wash days!

It is the hair's oldest, most damaged part with highest porosity. As a result, the hair ends are very prone to splitting and breaking. Unfortunately, "cutting the ends makes hair grow faster" is false and an optical illusion. When the ends are badly damaged, they can crumble, thus shortening the hair. In addition, the damage quickly advances along the length of the hair, constantly breaking it and affecting the growth. Therefore, it is essential to cut the ends regularly to keep them healthy and strong and so speed up their "visual growth." It is recommended to protect the ends with an oil or silicone serum after each wash.

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