Toast to Beauty: Mulled Wine Seppic Made!

December 6, 2023

Nothing says Christmas holiday season quite like a mug of mulled wine!

Seppic is finally revealing its secret recipe combining red seaweeds, traditional warming spices, and secret ingredients to create the perfect cocktail of powerful molecules to shine like the star at the top of the christmas tree!

So grab a jar, combine all the ingredients, heat gently, and let's get glowing!


For this mulled wine recipe, you will need:

Red seaweeds vintage

Red seaweeds vintage

Seppic offers its own special cuvee, worthy of a great vintage with 3 uncommon grape varieties. Rich in phycoerythrin, a pigment that reflects red light and absorbs blue light, this vintage will be full-bodied with iodine notes, so it will not have its flavor completely drowned out by the aromatics.

Therefore, Seppic recommends to use its Christmas edition bottle made with:

  • ASPAR'AGE™ (opens new window) (Aqua / Water - Propanediol - Asparagopsis Armata Extract), from Asparagopsis Armata, nicknamed "Neptune Harpoon Algae" for its small hooks that allowed it to cling to the hulls of New Zealand boats to come to us in Brittany. It regulates the effect of "Senescent Messaging Secretome" in order to reduce the contagious aging of young cells. Thanks to this marine active, the skin looks younger!

  • CONTACTICEL™ (opens new window) (Aqua / Water - Butylene Glycol – Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae Extract), from a small red macroalgae, Acrochaetium moniliforme, which lives in contact of other algae species and provide their hosts with first-line protection against exposome aggression, such as pollution. It effectively reduces the sebum rate on skin exposed to a highly polluted atmosphere (ozone, microparticles, heavy metals), and also reduces squalene oxidation in addition to an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • OLIGOGELINE™ PF (opens new window) (Aqua/Water - Chondrus Crispus Extract), an extract of the red seaweed, the Chondrus Crispus, exposed to waves stress & light deficiency, and rich in marine minerals (calcium, magnesium, …). It forms smooth and comfortable protective film on the skin's surface providing a film forming effect and long lasting diffusion of actives.

You will look younger, moisturized, and protected from exposome without a hangover with this cuvee!

Powerful liqueur

Powerful liqueur

Natural extract from organic leaves of Centella Asiatica and titrated in triterpenes and polyphenols, TALADVANCE™ (opens new window) (Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract) is an unmissable traditional ingredient of the recipe!

It acts on skin homeostasis, respecting skin circadian rhythm in order to reach the "Healthy skin you are looking for" and get a beautiful skin with radiant glow while improving suppleness.

Complementary flavor

Complementary flavor

A key to making the best spiced mulled wine is balancing different notes of complementary flavors, and SUBLIGANA™ (opens new window) (Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Harungana Madagascariensis Extract) helps do just that.

It is a titrated extract of Harungana madagascariensis originated from the center and east of Madagascar, a flowering plant commonly known as the orange-milk tree. This one is traditionally used in leaf decoctions against asthma & skin disorders and leaf juice for wound healing.

This active ingredient, nicknamed the "perfect skin" or "zero-defect" active ingredient, protects the skin against the harmful effects of bacterial secretome, fights pimples and reduces blackheads for a refined skin texture and a sublimated complexion.

Mulling spices

Mulling spices

Enhance the benefits of this mulled wine with our best combo thanks to which the flavor here is subtle and gives this spiced wine an extra note of flavor that you don't want to miss:

  • SEPICONTROL™ A5 (opens new window) (Capryloyl Glycine - Sarcosine - Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract), the essential cinnamon flavor of the recipe! This amino-acid biovector combined with cinnamon extract is a purifying agent, dermo-protector and sebo-regulator for acne-prone, oily skin.

  • SAKADIKIUM™ (opens new window) (Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Hedychium Coronarium Root Extract), an extract from the butterfly ginger roots that is rich in sugars to give a special wild taste to this cocktail! It acts like a multiprotector against environmental stresses (blue light, UV, IR, pollution,...) for a better radiance of the skin.

  • SEPIBLISS™ FEEL (opens new window) (Coriandrum Sativum (Coriander) Seed Oil), a natural oily active ingredient extracted from coriander seeds sourced in France. It's original to find coriander in such a drink! Isn't that the secret of this recipe? This innovative holistic approach highlights a proven soothing and well-being action thanks to an anti-stress acupuncture like effect, the protection of happiness molecules and the improvement of skin comfort.

  • SAGACIOUS™ (opens new window) (Propanediol - Himanthalia elongata extract), from Himanthalia elongata, also called sea bean, particularly well known because it is edible with delicious crunchy and a fine iodized flavor. This biomimetic anti-ageing active ingredient, inspired by the behavior of plants in space that synthesize molecules from the glycolipid family to maintain their integrity, provides proven benefits in anti-sagging (skin firmness and marked nasogenian folds).



Feel free to add your favorite sweetener to taste! Sugar is classic, but you can also naturally sweeten your recipe with either:

  • Apple cider: thanks to PROTEOL™ APL EF (opens new window) (Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids), an anionic foaming surfactant made of acylated amino acids characteristic of apple juice in order to add extra mildness to your mulled wine!

  • Honey: EMOGREEN™ HP 40 (opens new window) (C15-19 Alkane & Hydrogenated Polyfarnesene**)* with the same viscosity, based on sugarcane and sunflower oil, will bring texture to your cocktail with its film-forming properties.

From now on, mulled wine is not a secret for you anymore!

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